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Autochartist Forex Brokers

Forexzones Forex Broker Autochartist

Use the powerful Autochartist technical analysis tools in order to easily understand the trading opportunities in real time. Autochartist provides real-time trade setups for beginner and experienced traders alike.

  • Trading opportunities are delivered via email, mobile applications with push notifications, within the client area and in the MT4/MT5 platform.

  • Autochartist delivers 1000+ actionable trade opportunities & ideas per month

  • Access financial markets across Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities and Cryptos.

  • Save time by having Autochartist continuously scan the market for high-quality trading opportunities.

  • Visual quality indicators give novice traders the ability to better interpret chart patterns

  • Experienced traders to perform advanced search functions.

Forexzones Forex Broker Autochartist

Use Autochartist - MT4 Plugin

Find out more on how to use the Autochartist MT4 Plugin and improve your trading decisions.

Use Autochartist - Risk Calculator

Risk Calculator allows you to calculate position sizes in line with the amount you will trade.

Autochartist MT4 & MT5 Plugin

Here are some of the key advantages of the Autochartist MT4 & MT5 plugins

Fully customisable and easy to use technical analysis tool

Chart patterns and Fibonacci pattern analysis tool

Easy to install Expert advisor (EA) available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Helps to identify trading opportunities in the most interesting markets

Ability to monitor multiple markets at the same time from your trading account

Allows market trends and key levels to be identified through technical analysis

Entry-level access to complex chart patterns allows beginners to improve future performance

Provides forex trading alerts so traders stay informed about the available opportunities in the markets in real time straight to their trading platform

Receive Autochartist MT4 & MT5 Market Reports - via email

Choose to receive Daily Market Reports

On any trading opportunity (3x per day)

Fully customisable for markets or financial instruments

In more than 24 languages in the financial markets of your

Advanced Features

Autochartist Big Movements Image

Big Movements

Identifies instances when excessively large movement (either up or down) has occurred in a financial instrument. These analysis are very interesting for trend followers as well as swing traders.

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Autochartist Forex Broker Patterns

Chart Patterns

Traders get automatically notified when emerging and completed Chart Patterns including Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms are identified while an automatically illustrated forecast range on completed patterns indicates an expected price level through pattern recognition..

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Autochartist Forex Broker Cancles

Consecutive Candles

Identifies instances when excessive amounts of candles have closed in the same direction. These analysis are very interesting for trend followers as well as swing traders so it caters for a range of trading styles..

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Autochartist Fibonacci Icon Image

Fibonacci Patterns

Autochartist identifies Fibonacci patterns from straight forward extensions, retracements and ABCD patterns, to more sophisticated setups like Gartley and Butterfly formations..

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Autochartist Forex Horizontal Levels

Horizontal Levels

Autochartist Key Levels identify horizontal support or resistance levels at significant price levels. Traders get notifications of trading opportunities and price movements when an approach or breakthrough occurs on one of these levels.

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Autochartist Volatality Image

Volatility Analysis

This feature provides information on the time of day at which markets are more volatile, how to set appropriate exit levels, and how to select potential trades and instruments which fall within acceptable risk parameters.

Autochartist on-the-go

Track your trade setups based on your watchlist in our MT4/5 trading platforms on the Autochartist mobile app and receive high probability filtrered push notifications of fresh trade setups.

Start Trading Today Iphone Image

Performance Statistics

Autochartist Performance Statistics

Review the Performance Statistics product to see which trade setups have or have not worked over the past 6 months. This analysis of performance is provided for completed Chart Patterns, breakout Key Levels and approaching Key Levels.

Autochartist Forexzones Vertical Images

Volatility Analysis

Autochartist Volatility Analysis

Volatility Analysis provides information like the time of day at which markets are most volatile; how to set appropriate exit levels; as well as how to select instruments which fall within acceptable key levels.

Important Note

Autochartist™ is a respected third party supplier of Forexzones. Traders should note that Forexzones offers the software to its customers as a bonus feature and does not warrant the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information supplied. Forexzones does not have any connection with, or vouch for the accuracy of the trading styles described, or predict or guarantee any outcome as a result of their use.

Responsibility for the claims made in the materials are made by Autochartist™ and Autochartist™ alone. All predictions are not in anyway provided by Forexzones. Autochartist™ , its affiliates and any third party contributor will not be liable for any claim, damages or other liability arising from, out of, or in connection with the use of the Charts. The Charts run on pricing data provided to a third party charting administrator, and you accept that the price data displayed in the Charts may be delayed and that Autochartist™ does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data.

The material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. The strategies mentioned herein may not be suitable for all investors. The opinions and recommendations herein are by Autochartist™ and do not take into account individual client’s circumstances, objectives or needs, and are not intended as recommendations of particular securities, financial instruments or strategies to particular clients. Users of this service should take independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned herein.

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