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Margin Table

Margin Table
Use this table to check the margin rates and short availability on the securities across the following exchanges.


14DASX1414 Degrees Limited100No
1ADASXAdalta Limited100No
1AGASXAlterra Limited100No
1ALASXOneall In Limited100No
1PGASX1-Page Ltd100No
1STASX1St Group Ltd100No
3DPASXPointerra Limited100No
3PLASX3P Learning Ltd60Yes
4CEASXForce Com Ltd100No
4DSASX4Ds Memory Limited100No
4WDASXAuto Solutions Ltd100No
5GNASX5G Networks Limited100No
88EASX88 Energy Ltd85Yes
88EOASX88 Energy Ltd – Option 02-Mar-18100No
8COASX8Common Limited100No
8ECASX8Ip Emerg Co Ltd100No
8IHASX8I Holdings Ltd100No
9SPASX9 Spokes Int Limited100No
A1CASXAic Resources100No
A2BASXA2B Australia Ltd30Yes
A2MASXThe A2 Milk Company20Yes
A3DASXAurora Labs Limited70No
A40ASXAlliance Mineral100No
A4NASXAlpha Hpa Ltd100No
AACASXAustralian Agricult.20Yes
AADASXArdent Leisure Group15No
AAGASXAragon Resources100No
AAHASXArana Therapeutics L25No
AAIASXAlcoa Inc.100No
AAJASXAruma Resources Ltd100No
AAKASXAustralia China Hold100No
AAPASXAustralian Agri Ltd100No
AARASXAnglo Australian100No
AASASXAsian Pacific100No
AATASXAAT Corporation Ltd100No
AAUASXAdcorp Australia100No
AAXASXAusenco Limited15No
AB1ASXAnimoca Brands Corp100No
ABAASXAuswide Bank Ltd100Yes
ABBASXABB Grain Limited35No
ABCASXAdelaide Brighton10Yes
ABLASXAbilene Oil & Gas100No
ABPASXAbacus Property Grp.10Yes
ABRASXAmerican Pacific100No
ABSASXA.B.C. Learning100No
ABTASXAbundant Produce Ltd100No
ABVASXAdv Braking Tech Ltd100No
ABWASXAurora Absolute100No
ABXASXAust Bauxite Ltd.100No
ABYASXAditya Birla100No
AC8ASXAuscann Grp Hlgs Ltd40No
ACBASXA-Cap Energy Ltd100No
ACFASXAcrow Formwork100No
ACLASXAlchemia Limited100No
ACNASXAcer Energy Limited100No
ACOASXAust Careers Network100No
ACPASXAudalia Res Ltd100No
ACQASXAcorn Cap Inv Fund100No
ACRASXAcrux Limited60No
ACSASXAccent Resources NL100No
ACWASXActinogen Medical100No
ACXASXAconex Limited15No
AD1ASXApplydirect Limited100No
ADAASXAdacel Technologies35No
ADDASXAdavale Resource Ltd100No
ADEASXAdelaide Energy100No
ADHASXAdairs Limited40Yes
ADIASXAdelphi Energy Ltd85No
ADJASXAdslot Ltd100No
ADNASXAndromeda Metals Ltd100No
ADOASXAnteo Diagnostics100No
ADQASXAdg Global Supply.100No
ADRASXAdherium Ltd100No
ADTASXAdriatic Metals100No
ADUASXAdamus Resources85No
ADVASXArdiden Ltd100No
ADXASXADX Energy Ltd100No
ADYASXAdmiralty Resources.100No
AEBASXAffinity Energy100No
AEBOASXAffinity Energy – Option 28-Jul-20100No
AECASXAmmtec Limited85No
AEDASXAED Oil Limited100No
AEEASXAura Energy100No
AEFASXAustralian Ethical100No
AEGASXAbsolute Equity Perf70No
AEGOASXAbsolute Equity Perf – Option 16-Nov-17100No
AEIASXAeris Environmental100No
AEJASXRedbank Energy Ltd100No
AEKASXAnatolia Energy Ltd100No
AELASXAntaeus Energy100No
AEOASXAustereo Group Ltd.35No
AERASXAeeris Ltd100No
AESASXAdvanced Energy100No
AEVASXAvenira Limited100No
AEZASXAPN European Retail100No
AFAASXASF Group Limited100No
AFGASXAust Finance Grp70Yes
AFIASXAustralian Foundat.15No
AFJASXAffinity Edu Grp Ltd40No
AFPASXAft Pharmaceuticals100No
AFQASXAfrican Petroleum100No
AFRASXAfrican Energy Res100No
AFTASXAFT Corporation100No
AFYASXAfterpay Holdings50No
AGBASXAtlantic Gold Cor100No
AGDASXAustral Gold100No
AGEASXAlligator Energy100No
AGFASXAmp Capital China30No
AGGASXAngloGold Ashanti100No
AGHASXAlthea Group100No
AGIASXAinsworth Game Tech.15Yes
AGJASXAgricultural Land100No
AGLASXAGL Energy Limited.5Yes
AGOASXAtlas Iron Limited100No
AGOOASXAtlas Iron Limited – Option 30-Jun-17100No
AGOOAASXAtlas Iron Limited – Option 31-Jul-17100No
AGPASXAnglo Pacific Group100No
AGRASXAguia Res Ltd100No
AGSASXAlliance Resources100No
AGUASXAurium Resources100No
AGYASXArgosy Minerals Ltd50No
AHCASXAHC Limited100No
AHFASXAust Dairy Group70No
AHGASXAutomotive Holdings.15Yes
AHIASXAllco Hit Limited100No
AHJASXAir Change Int Ltd100No
AHKASXArk Mines Limited100No
AHLASXAhalife Holdings Ltd100No
AHLRASXAhalife Holdings Ltd – Rights 05-Oct-17100No
AHNASXAthena Resources100No
AHQASXAllegiance Coal Ltd100No
AHRASXAnchor Resources100No
AHXASXApiam Animal Health100No
AHYASXAsaleo Care Limited15Yes
AHZASXAdmedus Ltd100No
AHZRAASXAdmedus Ltd – Rights 06-Dec-18100No
AIAASXAuckland Internation25No
AIBASXAurora Glb Trust100No
AIEASXAutodom Limited100No
AIGASXAircruising Aust.100No
AIIASXAbra Mining Limited100No
AIOASXAsciano Limited10No
AIQASXAlternative Invest100No
AIRASXAstivita Ltd100No
AISASXAeris Resources Ltd100No
AIVASXActivex Limited100No
AIYASXAuthorised Invest.100No
AIYOBASXAuthorised Invest. – Option 20-Jun-21100No
AIZASXAir New Zealand35No
AJAASXAstro Jap Prop Group35No
AJCASXAcacia Coal Ltd100No
AJDASXAsia Pacific Data100No
AJJASXAsian Amer Medical100Yes
AJLASXAJ Lucas Group100No
AJMASXAltura Mining Ltd50No
AJOASXArmstrong Jones Off.100No
AJQASXArmour Energy Ltd100No
AJXASXAlexium Int Group100No
AJYASXAsaplus Resources100No
AKFASXAsk Funding Limited100No
AKGASXAcademies Aus Grp100No
AKIASXAfrican Iron Limited50No
AKMASXAspire Mining Ltd100No
AKMOASXAspire Mining Ltd – Option 15-Jun-17100No
AKNASXAuking Mining Ltd100No
AKPASXAudio Pixels Ltd40No
AKRASXAstra Capital Ltd100No
AKWASXArturus Capital Ltd100No
AL8ASXAlderan Resource Ltd100No
ALBASXAlbidon Limited100No
ALCASXAlcidion Group Ltd100No
ALDASXAllied Gold Min PLC45No
ALFASXAustralian Leaders25No
ALIASXArgo Global Ltd100No
ALKASXAlkane Resources Ltd100Yes
ALLASXAristocrat Leisure5Yes
ALSASXAlesco Corporation15No
ALTASXAnalytica Limited100No
ALTRAASXAnalytica Limited – Rights 05-Oct-17100No
ALUASXAltium Limited20Yes
ALXASXAtlas Arteria15Yes
ALYASXAlchemy Resource Ltd100No
ALZASXAustraland Property15No
AMAASXAMA Group Limited35Yes
AMBASXAmbition Group Ltd100No
AMCASXAmcor Limited5Yes
AMDASXArrow Minerals100No
AMEASXAlto Metals Limited100No
AMGASXAusmex Mining Gp Ltd100No
AMIASXAurelia Metals Ltd70Yes
AMLASXAeon Metals Ltd.70No
AMMASXAmcom Telecomm.20No
AMNASXAgrimin Ltd100No
AMOASXAmbertech Limited100No
AMTASXAllegra Orthopaedics100No
AMXASXAmpella Mining25No
AMYASXAmp Warr.Over Basket100No
ANDASXAndean Resources Ltd15No
ANGASXAustin Engineering70No
ANIASXAust Industrial REIT100No
ANLASXAmani Gold Ltd100No
ANNASXAnsell Limited10Yes
ANOASXAdvance Nanotek Ltd100No
ANPASXAntisense Therapeut.100No
ANPOBASXAntisense Therapeut. – Option 19-Dec-19100No
ANQASXAnaeco Limited100No
ANRASXAnatara Ls Ltd100No
ANSASXAustsino Res Grp Ltd100No
ANWASXAus Tin Mining100No
ANZASXANZ Banking Grp Ltd5Yes
AO1ASXAssetowl Limited100No
AO1XEASXAssetowl Limited – Ent Podium100No
AOAASXAusmon Resorces100No
AODASXAurora Div Income100No
AOEASXArrow Energy25No
AOFASXAustralian Unity Off100No
AOGASXAveo Group15Yes
AOHASXAltona Mining Ltd70No
AOKASXAustex Oil Limited100No
AONASXApollo Minerals Ltd100Yes
AOPASXApollo Consolidated100No
AOUASXAuroch Minerals Ltd100No
AOWASXAmerican Patriot Oil100No
APARAASXAPA Group – Rts07Mar18 Forus100No
APBASXArafura Pearls Hold.100No
APCASXAust Potash Ltd100No
APDASXApn Property Group100No
APEASXA.P. Eagers Limited70Yes
APGASXAustpac Resources NL100No
APHASXAscent Pharmahealth45No
APIASXAustralian Pharm.15Yes
APKASXAustralian Power85No
APLASXAntipodes Global Inv70No
APNNAASXAPN News & Media – Deferred100No
APOASXApn Outdoor Grp15No
APSASXMacquarie Alps100No
APTASXAfterpay Touch20Yes
APWASXAims Pror Sec Fund100No
APXASXAppen Limited30Yes
APZASXAspen Group100Yes
AQAASXAquila Resources20No
AQABAASXAquila Resources – Bonus Deferred20No
AQCASXAuspaccoal Ltd100No
AQDASXAusquest Limited100No
AQFASXAus Gov Index Fund100No
AQGASXAlacer Gold Corp.25Yes
AQIASXAlicanto Min Ltd100No
AQOASXAmbassador Oil Gas70No
AQPASXAquarius Platinum.15No
AQQASXAphrodite Gold Ltd100No
AQSASXAquis Ent Ltd100No
AQXASXAlice Queen Ltd100No
AQZASXAlliance Aviation70Yes
AR9ASXArchtis Limited100No
ARAASXAriadne Australia100No
ARBASXARB Corporation.15Yes
ARCASXAust Rural Cap Ltd100No
ARDASXArgent Minerals100No
ARDOASXArgent Minerals – Option 27-Jun-19100No
AREASXArgonaut Resources100No
AREOASXArgonaut Resources – Option 31-Mar-17100No
ARGASXArgo Investments15No
ARHASXAustralasian Resour.100No
ARIASXAcn 004410833 Ltd100No
ARJASXArk Fund Ltd (The)100No
ARLASXArdea Resources Ltd50No
ARLAIASXArdea Resources Ltd – Option 31-May-18 Def100No
ARMASXAurora Minerals Ltd100No
AROASXAstro Resources NL100No
ARQASXARQ Group Limited25Yes
ARSASXAlt Resources Ltd100No
ARUASXArafura Resource Ltd100No
ARVASXArtemis Resources100No
ARVOASXArtemis Resources – Option 30-Sep-17100No
ARXASXARC Exploration Ltd100No
AS1ASXAngel Seafood100No
ASBASXAustal Limited20Yes
ASGASXAutosports Grp Ltd.100No
ASHASXAshley Services Grp100No
ASLASXAusdrill Limited15Yes
ASNASXAnson Resources Ltd100No
ASPASXAspermont Limited100No
ASRASXAustralian Rural100No
ASTASXAusNet Services Ltd5Yes
ASUASXAlpha Technologies100No
ASWASXAdvanced Share Ltd100No
ASZASXASG Group Limited35No
ATCASXAltech Chem Ltd100No
ATIASXAtlantic Limited100No
ATLASXApollo Tourism70Yes
ATMASXAneka Tambang100No
ATPASXAtlas Pearls Ltd100No
ATRASXAstron Corp Ltd100No
ATSASXAustralis Oil & Gas70Yes
ATUASXAtrum Coal Ltd90No
ATVASXAtlantic Gold NL100No
ATXASXAmplia Therapeutics100No
AU1ASXThe Agency Group Aus100No
AU8ASXAumake Int Ltd70No
AUBASXAUB Group Ltd50Yes
AUCASXAusgold Limited100No
AUFASXAsian Masters Fund100No
AUHASXAustchina Holdings100No
AUIASXAustralian United In40No
AULASXAustar Gold Ltd100No
AUNASXAustar United30No
AUPASXAurora Property100No
AUQASXAlara Resources Ltd100No
AURASXAuris Minerals Ltd100No
AUTASXAuteco Minerals10No
AUZASXAustralian Mines Ltd70No
AV1ASXAdveritas Ltd100No
AVAASXAVA Risk Group Ltd60No
AVBASXAvanco Resources Ltd70No
AVEASXAevum Limited45No
AVGASXAust Vintage Ltd100Yes
AVHASXAvita Medical Ltd100No
AVJASXAVJennings Limited80Yes
AVLASXAust Vanadium Ltd100No
AVLOASXAust Vanadium Ltd – Option 31-Dec-18100No
AVMASXAnvil Mining85No
AVNASXAventus Group20Yes
AVOASXAvoca Resources35No
AVQASXAxiom Mining Limited70No
AVSASXAvastra Sleep Centre100No
AVWASXAvira Resources Ltd100No
AVZASXAVZ Minerals Ltd100No
AVZOASXAVZ Minerals Ltd – Option 24-May-20100No
AWCASXAlumina Limited10Yes
AWNASXArowana Internat Ltd100No
AWVASXAnova Metals Ltd100No
AWYASXAust Whisky Holdings100No
AX1ASXAccent Group Ltd30Yes
AX8ASXAccelerate Resources100No
AXAASXAXA Asia Pacific10No
AXEASXArcher Exploration100No
AXIASXAxiom Properties100No
AXLASXAxsesstoday Ltd100No
AXMASXApex Minerals NL100No
AXOASXAurox Resources85No
AXPASXAirxpanders Inc.60No
AXTASXArgo Exploration100No
AXZASXAmex Resources100No
AYFASXAustralian Enhanced100No
AYGASXAxxis Technology Grp100No
AYMASXAustralia United Min100No
AYNASXAlcyone Res Ltd40No
AYRASXAlloy Resources100No
AYSASXAmaysim Aus Ltd30No
AYTASXAdelaide Managed80No
AYXASXAustofix Group Ltd100No
AZCASXAustralian Zircon NL100No
AZGASXAllmine Group Ltd100No
AZHASXAzimuth Res Ltd30No
AZIASXAlta Zinc Ltd100No
AZJASXAurizon Holdings Ltd10Yes
AZMASXAzumah Resources100No
AZOASXApollo Gas Limited100No
AZQASXAscot Resources Ltd100No
AZSASXAzure Minerals100No
AZTASXAston Res Ltd20No
AZUASXAzurn Int Limited100No
AZVASXAzure Healthcare Ltd100No
AZXASXAuzex Resources85No
AZYASXAntipa Minerals Ltd100No
B2YASXBounty Mining100No
BABASXBullabulling Gold100No
BAFASXBlue Sky Alt Access100No
BAHASXBojun Agriculture100No
BALASXBellamy’s Australia30Yes
BAOASXBrookfield Aust Opp100No
BAPASXBapcor Limited20Yes
BARASXBarra Resources100No
BASASXBass Oil Ltd100No
BATASXBattery Minerals Ltd100No
BAUASXBauxite Resource Ltd100No
BBLASXBrisbane Broncos100No
BBNASXBaby Bunting Grp Ltd35No
BBRASXBora Bora Resources100No
BBXASXBBX Minerals Ltd100No
BC8ASXBlack Cat Syndicate100No
BCBASXBowen Coal Limited100No
BCCASXBeam Communications100No
BCDASXBCD Resources NL100No
BCGASXBlockchain Global.100No
BCIASXBCI Minerals Ltd100No
BCKASXBrockman Mining Ltd100No
BCLASXBunji Corp Limited100No
BCLRASXBaralaba Coal Ltd – Rights 27-Jun-17100No
BCNASXBeacon Minerals100No
BCOASXBcd Resources100No
BCSASXBrisconnection Trust100No
BCTASXBluechiip Limited100No
BD1ASXBard1 Life Sciences80No
BDAASXBod Australia100No
BDCASXBardoc Gold Ltd100No
BDGASXBlack Dragon Gold85No
BDIASXBlina Minerals NL100No
BDLASXBrandrill Limited70No
BDMASXBiodiem Limited100No
BDRASXBeadell Resource Ltd100Yes
BECASXBecton Property Grp.100No
BEEASXBroo Ltd100No
BEGASXBluenergy Group Ltd100No
BELASXBentley Capital Ltd100No
BEMASXBlackearth Minerals100No
BENASXBendigo and Adelaide5Yes
BENPDASXCtg Pre 6M Per Rd T100No
BFCASXBeston Global Ltd60No
BFGASXBell Financial Group100Yes
BFGRASXBell Financial Group – Rights 19-Jun-18100No
BGAASXBega Cheese Ltd15Yes
BGGASXBlackgold Int Hldgs100No
BGHASXBligh Resources Ltd100No
BGLASXBellevue Gold Ltd60Yes
BGPASXBriscoe Group100No
BGSASXBirimian Limited100No
BGTASXBio-Gene Technology100No
BHDASXBenjamin Horngld Ltd100No
BHGASXBeauty Health Ltd100No
BHLASXBoyuan Holdings100No
BHPASXBHP Group Limited5Yes
BIDASXBidenergy Limited100No
BIGOASXBIG Un Ltd – Option 31-Dec-17100No
BINASXBingo Industries Ltd20Yes
BIQASXBuildingiq, Inc100No
BIRASXBIR Financial Ltd100No
BISASXBisalloy Steel100No
BITASXBiotron Limited100No
BITOAASXBiotron Limited – Option 30-Nov-18100No
BITOBASXBiotron Limited – Option 12-Dec-19100No
BITRAASXBiotron Limited – Rights 13-Jun-17100No
BITRBASXBiotron Limited – Rights 30-May-18100No
BIVASXBlue Capital Limited100No
BKIASXBKI Investment Ltd25No
BKLASXBlackmores Limited15Yes
BKMASXBKM Management Ltd100No
BKNASXBradken Limited15No
BKRASXBroadcast Prod Ltd100No
BKTASXBlack Rock Mining100No
BKTOCASXBlack Rock Mining – Option 25-Mar-17100No
BKTODASXBlack Rock Mining – Option 30-Nov-18100No
BKWASXBrickworks Limited10Yes
BKYASXBerkeley Energia Ltd50Yes
BLAASXBlue Sky Limited100Yes
BLDASXBoral Limited5Yes
BLDNASXBoral Limited – Deferred100No
BLEASXBlue Ensign100No
BLGASXBluglass Limited100No
BLKASXBlackham Resources100No
BLKOAASXBlackham Resources – Option 31-Jan-19100No
BLKRASXBlackham Resources – Rights 08-Dec-17100No
BLKRAASXBlackham Resources – Rights 05-Feb-18100No
BLRASXBlack Range Min.100No
BLTASXBenitec Biopharma100No
BLXASXBeacon Lighting Grp50Yes
BLYASXBoart Longyear70No
BLYOASXBoart Longyear – Warrant 13-Sep-24100No
BLZASXBlaze International100No
BMBASXBalamara Resources100No
BMGASXBMG Resources Ltd100No
BMNASXBannerman Resources100No
BMPASXBuymyplace Limited100No
BMTASXBerkut Minerals Ltd100No
BNCASXBioniche Life Inc100No
BNDASXBandanna Energy25No
BNLASXBig Star Energy Ltd100No
BNOASXBionomics Limited60No
BNRASXBulletin Res Ltd100No
BNTASXBounty Mining Ltd100No
BOAASXBoadicea Resources100No
BOCASXBougainville Copper100No
BOEASXBoss Resources Ltd70Yes
BOKASXBlack Oak Min Ltd100No
BOLASXBoom Logistics100No
BONASXBonaparte Diamond100No
BOQASXBank of Queensland.10Yes
BOTASXBotanix Pharma Ltd70No
BOWASXBow Energy Limited10No
BPAASXBrookfield Prime100No
BPFASXBulletproof Group100No
BPGASXByte Power Group100No
BPHASXBPH Energy Ltd100No
BPKASXBremer Park Limited100No
BPLASXBroken Hill Prospect100No
BPLOASXBroken Hill Prospect – Option 12-Nov-19100No
BPPASXBabylon Pump & Power100No
BPTASXBeach Energy Limited10Yes
BRBASXBreaker Res NL100No
BRBCAASXBreaker Res NL – 1C Pd, 19C Unpd100No
BRGASXBreville Group Ltd15Yes
BRIASXBig Riv Indust Ltd100No
BRKASXBrookside Energy Ltd100No
BRKOASXBrookside Energy Ltd – Option 31-Dec-18100No
BRLASXBathurst Res Ltd.70No
BRMASXBrockman Resources20No
BRNASXBrainchip Ltd70No
BROASXBroad Investments100No
BRSASXBroadspectrum Ltd15No
BRUASXBuru Energy100Yes
BRWASXBreakaway Resources85No
BSAASXBSA Limited100No
BSEASXBase Res Limited30No
BSLASXBlueScope Steel Ltd5Yes
BSMASXBass Metals Ltd100No
BSMOBASXBass Metals Ltd – Option 31-Dec-18100No
BSNASXBisan Limited100No
BSPASXBlack Star Petroleum100No
BSRASXBassari Resources100No
BSTASXBarrack St Invest100No
BSXASXBlackstone Ltd100No
BTAASXBiota Holdings100No
BTCASXBTC Health Ltd100No
BTHASXBigtincan Hldgs Ltd100No
BTIASXBailador Tech Inv100No
BTNASXBrighton Mining100No
BTRASXBlackthorn Resources25No
BTUASXBathurst Resources20No
BUBASXBubs Aust Ltd50No
BUDASXBuddy Platform Ltd100No
BUEASXBluestone Global Ltd100No
BUGASXBuderim Group Ltd100No
BULASXBlue Energy Limited35No
BUXASXBuxton Resources Ltd100No
BUYASXBounty Oil & Gas NL100No
BVAASXBravura Solutions45No
BVSASXBravura Solution Ltd20Yes
BWDASXBlackwood Corp Ltd100No
BWFASXBlackwall Limited100No
BWNASXBowen Energy Limited100No
BWPAKASXBWP Trust – Units Deferred15No
BWRASXBlackwall Prop Trust100No
BXBASXBrambles Limited5Yes
BXNASXBioxyne Ltd100No
BXPASXBill Express Limited100No
BYEASXByron Energy Ltd70No
BYHASXBryah Resources Ltd100No
BYIASXBeyond International100No
BYLASXBrierty Limited100No
BZLASXBraziron Limited100No
CA8ASXCoassets Ltd.100No
CAAASXCapral Limited100No
CADASXCaeneus Minerals100No
CADOASXCaeneus Minerals – Option 31-Dec-20100No
CAEASXCannindah Resources100No
CAFASXCentrepoint Alliance100No
CAIASXCalidus Resources100No
CAJASXCapitol Health25Yes
CALASXCITIC Australia100No
CAMASXClime Capital100No
CAMBDASXClime Capital – Bonus Deferred100No
CANASXCann Group Ltd50No
CAPASXCarpentaria Resource100No
CAQASXCAQ Holdings Ltd100No
CARASXCarsales.Com Ltd.15Yes
CASASXCrusader Resources100No
CATASXCatapult Grp Int Ltd50No
CAVASXCarnavale Resources100No
CAYASXCanyon Resources Ltd100No
CAZASXCazaly Resources100No
CBAASXCommonwealth Bank.5Yes
CBANASXCommonwealth Bank. – Deferred5No
CBCASXCbg Capital Limited100No
CBCBNASXCBG Capital Limited – Bonus Deferred100No
CBDASXCBD Energy Limited100No
CBHASXCBH Resources Ltd100No
CBKASXCB Aust Ltd100No
CBLASXCBL Corporation Ltd100No
CBRASXConstellation Brands99No
CBXASXCape Alumina Ltd100No
CCAASXChange Financial Ltd100No
CCCASXContinental Coal Ltd100No
CCDASXCaledon Resources100No
CCEASXCarnegie Cln Energy100No
CCJASXCounty International100No
CCKASXCCK Financial100No
CCLASXCoca-Cola Amatil10Yes
CCPASXCredit Corp Group15Yes
CCQASXContango Capital100No
CCUASXCobar Consolidated30No
CCVASXCash Converters70Yes
CCXASXCity Chic Collective100Yes
CCZASXCastillo Copper Ltd100No
CD1ASXCordish Dixon Pef I100No
CD3ASXCordish Dixon Pefiii100No
CDAASXCodan Limited30Yes
CDBASXCondor Blanco Mines100No
CDCASXChina Dairy Ltd80No
CDDASXCardno Limited30Yes
CDDEASXCardno Limited – Prop.Bid Crescap Def25No
CDGASXCleveland Min Ltd100No
CDHASXChongHerr Investment100No
CDIASXChallenger Div.Pro.25No
CDLASXCanada Land Limited100No
CDMASXCadence Capital50No
CDOASXCadence Opp Fund Ltd100No
CDPASXCarindale Property50No
CDRASXCommander Communica.100No
CDTASXCastle Minerals100No
CDUASXCudeco Limited100No
CDVASXCardinal Reso Ltd70No
CDXASXCardiex Limited100No
CDYASXCellmid Limited100No
CE1ASXCalima Energy100No
CEGASXCEC Group Limited70No
CELASXChallenger Energy100No
CENASXContact Energy Ltd70No
CERASXCentro Retail Group40No
CEUASXConnectEast Group20No
CEYASXCentennial Coal15No
CFEASXCape Lambert Res Ltd100No
CFKASXCFK Childcare Centre100No
CFOASXCfoam Limited100No
CFUASXCeramic Fuel Cells100No
CG1ASXCarbonxt Group100No
CGAASXContango Asset100No
CGFASXChallenger Limited10Yes
CGGASXCitadel Resource Grp85No
CGHASXCalibre Group Ltd60No
CGIASXConsolidated Global100No
CGLASXThe Citadel Grp60Yes
CGMASXCougar Metals NL100No
CGNASXCrater Gold Min Ltd100No
CGNRAASXCrater Gold Min Ltd – Rights 07-Aug-17100No
CGOASXCPT Global Limited100No
CGRASXCml Group Ltd100No
CGSASXCogstate Ltd70No
CGWASXCoats Group PLC50No
CGXASXCga Mining Limited85No
CHBASXCoca-Cola Hellenic100No
CHCASXCharter Hall Group10Yes
CHFASXCharter Pacific100No
CHKASXCohiba Min Ltd100No
CHKOASXCohiba Min Ltd – Option 18-Apr-20100No
CHNASXChalice Gold Mines100No
CHOASXChoiseul Investments100No
CHPASXChapmans Limited100No
CHQASXCostaexchange Ltd100No
CHRASXChalmers Limited100No
CHZASXChesser Resources100No
CIAASXChampion Iron Ltd30No
CIEASXContango Inc Gen Ltd100No
CIFASXChallenger Infrast.70No
CIHASXChina Construction100No
CIIASXCI Resources Limited80No
CILASXCentrebet Internat.30No
CIMASXCimic Group Ltd10Yes
CINASXCarlton Investments40No
CIOASXConnected Io Ltd100No
CIPASXCenturia I REIT20Yes
CIWASXClime Investment100No
CIXASXCalliden Group40No
CIYASXCity Pacific Limited100No
CIZASXCorizon Limited100No
CJOASXCerro Resources NL40No
CJTASXCvc Property Fund100No
CKAASXCokal Ltd100No
CKFASXCollins Foods Ltd25Yes
CKLASXColorpak Limited100No
CKPASXCheviot Kirribilli100No
CKTASXChallenger Kenedix100No
CL1ASXClass Limited30No
CL8ASXCollaborate Corp100No
CL8OASXCollaborate Corp – Option 30-Apr-17100No
CLAASXCelsius Resource Ltd100No
CLFASXConcentrated Leaders100No
CLHASXCollection House20No
CLKASXCypress Lakes Group100No
CLOASXClough Limited25No
CLQASXClean Teq Hldgs Ltd30Yes
CLRASXCarabella Res Ltd35No
CLSASXCL Asset Holdings85No
CLTASXCellnet Group100Yes
CLVASXClover Corporation50Yes
CLWASXChtr H Lwr50Yes
CLXASXCTI Logistics100No
CLYASXClancy Exploration100No
CLYOASXClancy Exploration – Option 09-May-19100No
CLZASXClassic Min Ltd100No
CM1ASXCoolgardie Minerals100No
CM8ASXCrowd Media Limited100No
CMAASXCenturia Metro REIT50Yes
CMCASXChina Magnesium Corp100No
CMDASXCassius Mining Ltd100No
CMFASXChina Mining Ltd100No
CMGASXChandler Macleod Ltd50No
CMIASXCMI Limited100No
CMJASXConsolidated Media.10No
CMLASXChase Mining Limited100No
CMMASXCapricorn Metals100No
CMNASXCumminscorp Limited100No
CMPASXCompumedics Limited80No
CMQASXChemeq Limited100No
CMRASXCompass Resources100No
CMVASXCMA Corporation Ltd50No
CMWASXCromwell Prop10Yes
CMYASXCapital Mining100No
CNAASXCorona Resources20No
CNBASXCic Australia Ltd100No
CNCASXCons Cap Invest Ltd100No
CNHASXChina Steel100No
CNIASXCenturia Capital80No
CNJASXConico Ltd100No
CNLASXCelamin Holdings Ltd100No
CNPASXCnpr Grp50No
CNRASXCoonawarra Australia100No
CNUASXChorus Limited15No
CNWASXCirrus Net Hold Ltd100No
CNXASXCarbon Energy100No
CO1ASXCobalt One Ltd100No
COBASXCobalt Blue Ltd70No
COEASXCooper Energy Ltd50Yes
COFASXCoffey International100No
COGASXConsolidated Ops Gp100No
COHASXCochlear Limited10Yes
COIASXComet Ridge Limited100No
COJASXCommstrat Limited100No
COLASXColes Group20Yes
COOASXCorum Group Limited100No
COUASXCount Financial45No
COVASXCorvette Resources85No
COWASXCowan Lithium100No
COYASXCoppermoly Limited100No
CP1ASXCannpal Animal100No
CPAASXCommonwealth Prop15No
CPHASXCreso Pharma Ltd70No
CPIASXCPI Group Limited100No
CPKASXCP1 Limited100No
CPLASXCoalspur Mines Ltd100No
CPNASXCarpathian Resources100No
CPRASXClivpee Limited45No
CPSASXComputronics Hold.100No
CPUASXComputershare Ltd10Yes
CPVASXClearvue Technologie100No
CQCASXCuesta Coal Ltd100No
CQEASXCharter Hall Edu Tr20Yes
CQOASXCharter Hall Office20No
CQRASXCharter Hall Retail10Yes
CQTASXConquest Mining85No
CR1ASXConstellation Res100No
CRBASXCarbine Resources100No
CRCASXCortona Resources100No
CRDASXCredible Labs100No
CREASXCrescent Gold60No
CRGASXCrane Group Limited10No
CRHASXCrowe Horwath Aus60No
CRLASXComet Resources100No
CRMASXCarbon Minerals Ltd100No
CRNASXCoronado Global Res70No
CROASXCirralto Ltd100No
CRRASXConven Retail REIT100No
CRSASXCaprice Resources100No
CSDASXConsolidated Tin Min100No
CSEASXCopper Strike Ltd100No
CSJASXCs GP100 Aust Trust100No
CSKDDASXCrowdspark Ltd100No
CSRASXCSR Limited10Yes
CSSASXClean Seas Ltd100Yes
CSSRAASXClean Seas Ltd – Rights 03-Nov-17100No
CSTASXCellestis Limited30No
CSUASXCs100 Emrg Mkt Infra100No
CSVASXCSG Limited100Yes
CSWASXCredit Suisse Pl100100No
CT1ASXCcp Technologies Ltd100No
CTDASXCorp Travel Limited30Yes
CTDNBASXCorp Travel Limited – Deferred100No
CTEASXCryosite Limited100No
CTLASXCentennial Mng Ltd100No
CTMASXCentaurus Metals Ltd100No
CTMRAASXCentaurus Metals Ltd – Rights 28-Jul-17100No
CTOASXCitigold Corp Ltd100No
CTPASXCentral Petroleum100No
CTXASXCaltex Australia7Yes
CTYASXCountry Road Limited100No
CUEASXCUE Energy Resource100No
CULASXCullen Resources100No
CUOASXCopperCo Limited100No
CUPASXCountplus Limited100No
CURASXCentaurus Resources100No
CUSASXCustomers Limited25No
CUVASXClinuvel Pharmaceut.40Yes
CUXASXCrossland Metals Ltd100No
CUYASXCurnamona Energy Ltd85No
CV1ASXCv Check Ltd100No
CVAASXClever Com Aus Ltd100No
CVBASXCheviot Bridge Ltd100No
CVCASXCVC Limited100No
CVIASXCVI Energy Corp Ltd100No
CVNASXCarnarvon Petroleum40Yes
CVOASXCover-More Grp Ltd20No
CVRASXCentral Asia Res100No
CVSASXCervantes Corp Ltd100No
CVTASXCovata Ltd100No
CVVASXCaravel Minerals Ltd100No
CVWASXClearview Wealth Ltd100Yes
CVYASXCoventry Resources100No
CWCASXChina Waste Corp Ltd70No
CWHASXCWH Resources Ltd100No
CWKASXCoalworks Limited70No
CWKXEASXCoalworks Limited – Ent. Orpheus100No
CWLASXChant West Holdings100No
CWNASXCrown Resorts Ltd10Yes
CWPASXCedar Woods Prop.35Yes
CWTASXChallenger Winetrust85No
CWXASXCarawine Resources100No
CWYASXCleanaway Waste Ltd5Yes
CXCASXCoeur D’Alene Mines.70No
CXDASXCathRx Ltd100No
CXHASXCompass Hotel Group100No
CXLASXCalix Limited100No
CXMASXCentrex Metals100No
CXOASXCore Lithium100No
CXOOAASXCore Exploration Ltd – Option 31-Aug-17100No
CXPASXCorporate Express10No
CXSASXChemgenex Pharmaceut60No
CXUASXCauldron Energy Ltd100No
CXXASXCradle Resources Ltd100No
CXZASXConnexion Telematics100No
CXZOASXConnexion Media Ltd – Option 28-Feb-17100No
CY5ASXCygnus Gold Limited100No
CYAASXCentury Australia100No
CYCASXCyclopharm Limited100No
CYGASXCoventry Group100No
CYLASXCatalyst Metals100No
CYOASXClarity Oss Ltd100No
CYPASXCynata Therapeutics70No
CYQASXCycliq Group Ltd100No
CYTASXCytopia Limited100No
CZIASXCassini Resources100No
CZLASXCons Zinc Ltd100No
CZLRASXCons Zinc Ltd – Rights 12-May-17100No
CZNASXCorazon Ltd100No
CZRASXCoziron Resources100No
CZZASXCapilano Honey Ltd60No
D13ASXDepartment 13 Intl100No
D2OASXDuxton Water Ltd100No
DAFASXDiscovery Africa Ltd100No
DAUASXDampier Gold Ltd100No
DAVASXDavenport Resources100No
DBFASXDuxton Broadacre100No
DBSASXDark Blue Sea85No
DCCASXDigitalx Limited100No
DCGASXDecmil Group Limited60Yes
DCLASXDomacom Limited100No
DCNASXDacian Gold Ltd35No
DDDASX3D Resources Limited100No
DDDOASX3D Resources Limited – Option 15-Dec-19100No
DDFASXDeutsche Diversified100No
DDRASXDicker Data Limited60Yes
DDTASXDataDot Technology100No
DEGASXDe Grey Mining80No
DEGOASXDe Grey Mining – Option 30-Nov-18100No
DEMASXDe.Mem Ltd100No
DESASXDestra Corporation100No
DEVASXDevex Resources Ltd100No
DEXASXDexion Limited85No
DFMASXDongfang Modern Ag50No
DGHASXDesane Group Hldings100No
DGOASXDGO Gold Limited100No
DGRASXDGR Global Ltd100No
DGXASXDiploma Group Ltd100No
DHGASXDomain Holdings Aus50Yes
DHRASXDark Horse Resources100No
DIGASXAsia Pac Digital Ltd100No
DIOASXDioro Exploration NL100No
DITASXDeutsche Industrial100No
DJSASXDavid Jones Limited10No
DKMASXDuketon Mining100No
DKNASXDKN Financial Group50No
DKSASXDanks Holdings100No
DLCASXDelecta Limited100Yes
DLSASXDrillsearch Energy15No
DLXASXDuluxgroup Limited10Yes
DMAASXDynasty Resources100No
DMEASXDome Gold Mines Ltd100No
DMGASXDragon Mountain Gold100No
DMLASXDiscovery Metals Ltd50No
DMMASXDMC Mining Limited100No
DMPASXDomino Pizza Enterpr15Yes
DMXASXDMX Corporation Ltd85No
DN8ASXDreamscape Netwk Ltd100No
DNAASXDonaco International70Yes
DNKASXDanakali Limited60No
DOMASXDominion Mining20No
DORASXDoriemus PLC100No
DOTASXDeutsche Office100No
DOWASXDowner EDI Limited10Yes
DOWRASXDowner EDI Limited – Rts04Apr17 Forus100No
DRAASXDragon Mining Ltd100No
DRMASXDoray Minerals Ltd100Yes
DRMNASXDoray Minerals Ltd – Deferred Ex Option50No
DROASXDroneshield Limited100No
DRXASXDiatreme Resources100No
DSBASXDelta Sbd Limited100No
DSEASXDropsuite Ltd100No
DSHASXDshe Holdings Ltd100No
DSQASXDSQ Holdings Limited100No
DSXASXDecimal Software Ltd100No
DTEASXDart Energy Ltd20No
DTIASXDTI Group Ltd100No
DTLASXData#3 Limited50Yes
DTMASXDart Mining NL100No
DTOASXD2 Marketing Ltd100No
DTRASXDateline Resources100No
DTSASXDragontail Systems100No
DTZASXDotz Nano Ltd100Yes
DUBASXDubber Corp Ltd100No
DUEASXDuet Group10No
DUIASXDiversified United25No
DVAASXDiversa Limited100No
DVLASXDorsavi Ltd100No
DVNASXDevine Limited100No
DW8ASXDigital Wine Venture100No
DXBASXDimerix Ltd100No
DXFASXDing Sheng Xin Ltd100No
DXNASXThe Data Exchange100No
DYLASXDeep Yellow Limited100No
E25ASXElement 25 Ltd100No
E2EASXEon Nrg Ltd100No
E2EOASXEon Nrg Ltd – Option 29-Nov-19100No
E2MASXE2 Metals100No
E88ASXEnsogo Limited100No
EAIASXEllerston Asian100No
EALASXE & A Limited100No
EARASXEcho Resources100No
EASASXEaston Investments100No
EAUASXEldorado Gold Corp15No
EAXASXEnergy Action Ltd100No
EBGASXEumundi Group Ltd100No
EBOASXEbos Group Ltd100No
ECGASXEcargo Hldg100No
ECOASXEchoice Limited100No
ECTASXEnv Clean Tech Ltd.100No
ECTOCASXEnv Clean Tech Ltd. – Option 31-Jul-19100No
ECVASXEcosave Holdings Ltd100No
ECXASXEclipx Group Ltd25Yes
ED1ASXEvans Dixon100No
EDCASXEildon Capital Ltd100No
EDEASXEden Inv Ltd70No
EDTASXEDT Retail Trust100No
EEGASXEmpire Energy Ltd100Yes
EERASXEast Energy Resource100No
EFEASXEastern Iron100No
EFGASXEverest Financial85No
EFTASXEFTel Limited100No
EGAASXEgan Street Res Ltd100No
EGDASXE&P Gbl Disruption100No
EGGASXEnero Group Ltd100No
EGHASXEureka Group Ltd70No
EGLASXEnvironmental Group100No
EGNASXEngenco Limited100No
EGOASXEmpire Oil & Gas100No
EGSASXEastern Goldfields100No
EGYASXEnergy Tech Ltd100No
EHEASXEstia Health Ltd10Yes
EHHASXEagle Hlth Hldgs Ltd100No
EHLASXEmeco Holdings20Yes
EHLRASXEmeco Holdings – Rights 03-Apr-17100No
EHXASXEhr Resources100No
EIMASXEl Corporation Ltd100No
EKAASXEureka Energy Ltd60No
ELDASXElders Limited40Yes
ELDPAASXCtg Pre 3M Per Q T100No
ELIASXEmerging Leaders Inv100No
ELKASXELK Petroleum100Yes
ELOASXElmo Software80No
ELRASXElsmore Resource Ltd100No
ELSASXElsight Ltd70No
ELSOASXElsight Ltd – Option 18-Jun-2021100No
ELTASXElementos Limited100No
ELXASXEllex Medical Lasers70No
EM1ASXEmerge Gaming Ltd100No
EM2ASXEagle Mountain100No
EMBASXEmbelton Limited100No
EMEASXEnergy Metals Ltd100No
EMHASXEuropean Metals Hldg100No
EMLASXEML Payments Ltd25No
EMMASXElectrometals Tech.100No
EMPASXEmperor Energy Ltd100No
EMRASXEmerald Res NL100No
EMVASXEmvision Medical100No
EN1ASXEngage:Bdr Limited100No
ENAASXEnsurance Ltd100No
ENBASXEneabba Gas Limited100No
ENCASXEnice Holding Co100No
ENEASXEnevis Ltd30No
ENGASXengin Limited85No
ENNASXElanor Investors Grp100No
ENRASXEncounter Resources100No
ENTASXEnterprise Metals100No
ENTXEASXEnterprise Metals – ENT. ENT Uranium100No
ENVASXEnvestra Limited15No
EOCASXEndocoal Limited70No
EOLASXEnergy One Limited100No
EONASXEspreon Limited100No
EORASXEn Oil Gas Ltd100No
EOSASXElectro Optic Sys.85No
EPAASXEphraim Res Ltd100No
EPDASXEmpired Ltd100No
EPLASXEyecare Partners Ltd100No
EPMASXEclipse Metals100No
EPWASXERM Power Limited35Yes
EPXASXEthane Pipeline100No
EPYASXe-pay Asia Limited100No
EQEASXEquus Mining Ltd100No
EQNASXEquinox Minerals Ltd25No
EQTASXEquity Hl50No
EQXASXEquatorial Res Ltd100No
ERAASXEnergy Resources40Yes
ERCASXEircom Holdings Ltd100No
ERLASXEmpire Resources100No
ERMASXEmmerson Resources100No
ERXASXExore Resources Ltd100No
ESEASXEsense-Lab Ltd100No
ESGASXEastern Star Gas20No
ESHASXEsports Mogul Asia100No
ESIOBASXEnv Clean Tech Ltd – Option 31-Jul-17100No
ESKASXEtherstack PLC100No
ESRASXEstrella Res Ltd100No
ESSASXEssa Australia100No
ESVASXEservglobal Limited100No
ETEASXEntek Energy Ltd100No
EUCASXEuropean Cobalt Ltd100Yes
EURASXEuropean Lithium Ltd100No
EVEASXEVE Investments Ltd100No
EVMASXEnviromission Ltd100No
EVNASXEvolution Mining Ltd15Yes
EVOASXEvolve Education Grp100No
EVRASXEndeavour Min Corp35No
EVSASXEnvirosuite Ltd100No
EVTASXEvent Hospitality15Yes
EVZASXEVZ Limited100No
EVZRASXEVZ Limited – Rights 23-May-17100No
EWCASXEnergy World Corpor.70Yes
EWNASXErawan Company100No
EX1ASXExopharm Limited100No
EXCASXExterra Res Ltd100No
EXGASXExcelsior Gold Ltd100No
EXLASXElixinol Global100Yes
EXPASXExperience Co Ltd80No
EXRASXElixir Petroleum Ltd100No
EXSASXExco Resources Ltd35No
EXTASXExtract Resources15No
EXUASXExplaurum Ltd100No
EZLASXEuroz Limited100Yes
FACASXFacilitate Digital100No
FAMASXFamily Insights100No
FANASXFantastic Holdings70No
FASASXFairstar Resources100No
FAUASXFirst Au Ltd100No
FBUASXFletcher Building15No
FCCASXFirst Cobalt Corp.100No
FCGASXFrontier Capital Grp100No
FCTASXFirstwave Cloud Tech100No
FDCNASXFederation Cntres – Def Ex Nvn10No
FDMASXFreedom Oil Gas100No
FDVASXFrontier Digital Ltd100No
FDXASXFrontier Diamonds100No
FE8ASXFaster Enterprises100No
FEAASXForest Enterprises45No
FEIASXFe Inv Group Ltd100No
FELASXFe Limited100No
FFCASXFarmaforce Ltd100No
FFGASXFatfish Blockchain100Yes
FFGRASXFatfish Internet Grp – Rights 26-May-17100No
FFIASXF.F.I. Holdings100No
FGEASXForge Group Limited100No
FGFASXFirst Growth Funds100No
FGGASXFuture Glb Invest Co100No
FGIASXFlat Glass Ind.100No
FGLASXFoster’s Group5No
FGOASXFlamingo Ai Ltd70No
FGRASXFirst Graphene Ltd70No
FGROBASXFirst Graphite Ltd – Option 21-May-17100No
FGROCASXFirst Graphene Ltd – Option 08-Aug-21100No
FGXASXFuture Gen Ltd40No
FHSASXFreehill Mining Ltd.100No
FIDASXFiducian Group Ltd100No
FIGASXFreedom Insurance70No
FIJASXFiji Kava Limited100No
FITASXFitgenes Limited100No
FLCASXFluence Corporation100No
FLKASXFolkestone Limited100No
FLNASXFreelancer Ltd50No
FLRASXFrankland River100No
FLTASXFlight Centre Travel10Yes
FLXASXFelix Resources Ltd.25No
FMGASXFortescue Metals Grp5Yes
FMLASXFocus Minerals Ltd100No
FMSASXFlinders Mines Ltd100No
FNDASXFinders Resources100No
FNPASXFreedom Food Ltd25Yes
FNTASXFrontier Resources100No
FODASXThe Food Revolution100No
FORASXForager Aust Shs Fnd100No
FOXASXTwenty-First FOX Inc10No
FPAASXFisher & Paykel App.55No
FPCASXFat Prophets Gbl Ltd100No
FPHASXFisher & Paykel H.15No
FPLASXFremont Petroleum100No
FPSASXFiducian Portfolio100No
FRIASXFinbar Group Limited100Yes
FRMASXFarm Pride Foods80No
FRNASXFraser Range Metals100No
FRSASXFerraus Limited85No
FRXASXFlexiroam Limited100No
FSAASXFSA Group Limited100Yes
FSEASXFirestone Energy Ltd100No
FSFASXFonterra Share Fund50No
FSGASXField Solu Hldgs Ltd100No
FSTASXFolkestone Social100No
FTCASXFintech Chain Ltd100No
FTEASXForte Energy NL55No
FTHASXFifth Element Resour100No
FTTASXFactor Theraptcs Ltd100No
FTZASXFertoz Ltd100No
FULASXFulcrum Equity100No
FUNASXFuntastic Limited100No
FWDASXFleetwood Corp30Yes
FXJASXFairfax Media Ltd5No
FXLASXFlexiGroup Limited20Yes
FXRASXFox Resources70No
FYAASXFortune Asia Grp Ltd100No
FYIASXFYI Resources Ltd100No
FZOASXFamily Zone Cyber100No
FZRASXFitzroy River Corp100No
G1AASXGalena Mining70No
G88ASXGolden Mile Res Ltd100No
GALASXGalileo Mining Ltd100No
GAPASXGale Pacific Limited100No
GASASXState GAS Limited100No
GAUASXGreat Australian Res100No
GBAASXGrandbridge Limited100No
GBEASXGlobe Metals &Mining100No
GBGASXGindalbie Metals Ltd100No
GBIASXGenera Biosystems100No
GBPASXGlobal Petroleum100No
GBRASXGreatbould Resources100No
GBTASXGBST Holdings..50Yes
GBZASXGBM Rsources Ltd100No
GC1ASXGlennon SML Co Ltd100No
GCGASXGreencap Limited100No
GCIASXGryphon Capital100No
GCLASXGloucester Coal15No
GCMASXGarda Capital Grp100No
GCNASXGoConnect Limited100No
GCRASXGolden Cross100No
GCYASXGascoyne Res Ltd100Yes
GDAASXGondwana Resources100No
GDFASXGarda Div Prop Fund100No
GDGASXGeneration Dev Group100No
GDIASXGDI Property Grp40Yes
GDOASXGold One Int Ltd85No
GEDASXGolden Deeps100No
GEGASXGrays Ecom Ltd70No
GEMASXG8 Education Limited20Yes
GENASXGenesis Research100No
GESASXGenesis Resources100No
GEVASXGlobal Ene Ven Ltd100No
GFFASXGoodman Fielder.10No
GFIASXGlobal Fortune Ltd100No
GFLASXGlobal Masters Fund100No
GFYASXGodfreys Grp Ltd100No
GGBASXGgg Resources PLC100No
GGEASXGrand Gulf Energy100No
GGGASXGreenland Minerals70No
GGXASXGas2Grid Limited100No
GHCASXGen Healthcare REIT50No
GHCNASXGen Healthcare REIT – New50No
GHTASXGeothermal Resources100No
GIAASXGiaconda Limited100No
GIBASXGibb River Diamonds100No
GIDASXGi Dynamics, Inc100No
GIRASXGiralia Resources NL25No
GJTASXGalileo Japan Trust100No
GLAASXGladiator Resources100No
GLBASXGlobe International100No
GLEASXGLG Corp Ltd100Yes
GLGASXGerard Lighting100No
GLHASXGlobal Health Ltd100No
GLLASXGalilee Energy Ltd100No
GLNASXGalan Lithium Ltd100No
GLYASXGlory Resources Ltd100No
GMAASXGenworth Mortgage15Yes
GMCASXGulf Manganese Corp100Yes
GMCOASXGulf Manganese Corp – Option 21-Apr-19100No
GMDASXGenesis Minerals100No
GMEASXGME Resources Ltd100No
GMFASXGpt Metro Office Fnd100No
GMGASXGoodman Group5Yes
GMIASXGlobal Mining35No
GMLASXGateway Mining100No
GMMASXGeneral Mining Corp50No
GMNASXGold Mountain Ltd100No
GMRASXGolden Rim Resources100No
GMVASXG Medical80No
GMYASXGoldfields Money100No
GNBASXGreenbox Group Ltd85No
GNCASXGrainCorp Limited10Yes
GNEASXGenesis Energy Ltd100No
GNGASXGr Engineering Ltd70No
GNSASXGunns Limited100No
GNVASXGreen Invest Ltd100No
GNXASXGenex Power Ltd100Yes
GOEASXGo Energy Group Ltd100No
GOOASXGooroo Ventures Ltd100No
GORASXGold Road Res Ltd20Yes
GOWASXGowing Bros. Limited100No
GOZASXGrowthpoint Property10Yes
GPEASXGreen Pacific Energy100No
GPPASXGreenpower Enrgy Ltd100No
GPRASXGeopacific Resources100No
GPXASXGraphex Mining Ltd100No
GRBASXGage Roads Brewing70No
GRFASXGlobal Resource100No
GRGASXGRG International100No
GRRASXGrange Resources.50Yes
GRVASXGreenvale Energy Ltd100No
GRYASXGryphon Minerals Ltd100No
GSLASXGreatcell Solar Ltd100No
GSMASXGolden State Mining100No
GSNASXGreat Southern100No
GSSASXGenetic Signatures100No
GSWASXGetswift Limited100Yes
GSZASXGlobal Strat Met100No
GTEASXGreat Western Exp.100No
GTGASXGenetic Technologies100No
GTKASXGentrack Group Ltd70No
GTNASXGTN Limited100Yes
GTPASXGreat Southern Ltd100No
GTRASXGti Resources100No
GTYASXGateway Lifestyle15No
GUDASXG.U.D. Holdings15Yes
GULASXGullewa Limited100No
GVFASXGlobal Value Fnd Ltd100No
GWAASXGWA Group Ltd15Yes
GWRASXGWR Group Ltd100Yes
GXLASXGreencross Limited15No
GXYASXGalaxy Resources20Yes
GZLASXGazal Corporation100No
HAOASXHaoma Mining NL100No
HARASXHaranga Res Ltd100No
HASASXHastings Tech Met100Yes
HAVASXHavilah Resources80No
HAVOASXHavilah Resources – Option 30-Jun-17100No
HAWASXHawthorn Resources100No
HCHASXHot Chili Ltd100No
HCOASXHylea Metals Ltd100No
HCTASXHolista CollTech Ltd100No
HDFASXApa Sub Grp15No
HDGASXHodges Resources100No
HDIASXHandini Resources100No
HDXASXHughes Drilling Ltd100No
HDYASXHardey Resources Ltd100No
HE8ASXHelios Energy Ltd100No
HERASXHerald Resources85No
HFRASXHighfield Res Ltd70Yes
HGLASXHudson Investment100No
HGMASXHigh Grade Metals100No
HGOASXHillgrove Res Ltd100No
HGOOAASXHillgrove Res Ltd – Option 21-Sep-17100No
HHMASXHampton Hill Mining100No
HIGASXHighlands Pacific100No
HIIASXHire Intelligence100No
HILASXHills Ltd100Yes
HINASXHeartware Int Inc85No
HIPASXHipo Resources Ltd100No
HIPOAASXHipo Resources Ltd – Option 30-Jun-20100No
HITASXHiTech Group Aust.100No
HLAASXHealthia Limited100No
HLOASXHelloworld Travl Ltd100No
HLXASXHelix Resources100No
HM1ASXHearts and Minds100No
HMCASXHydromet Corp. Ltd85No
HMDASXHeramed Limited100No
HMIASXHarvest Minerals Ltd100No
HMLASXHenry Morgan Limited100No
HMOASXHearmeout Ltd100No
HMXASXHammer Metals Ltd100No
HNGASXHGL Limited100No
HNRASXHannans Ltd100No
HNRXFASXHannans Ltd – Ent Critical Metals1No
HOGASXHawkley Oil and Gas100No
HORASXHorseshoe Metals Ltd100No
HOTASXHotcopper Holdings100No
HPIASXHotel Property35Yes
HPRASXHigh Peak Royalties100No
HRNASXHorizon Gold Ltd100No
HRRASXHeron Resources100No
HRSASXHudson Resources100No
HSKASXHeemskirk Consolid.100No
HSNASXHansen Technologies30Yes
HSOASXHealthscope Limited5Yes
HSPASXHealthscope Limited15No
HSTASXHastie Group Limited100No
HSXASXHangseng Idx Futures100No
HT1ASXHt&E Limited15Yes
HT8ASXHarris Technology Gl100No
HUAASXHuayi Resources Ltd100No
HUNASXHunnu Coal Limited35No
HUOASXHuon Aquaculture Grp100Yes
HVNASXHarvey Norman7Yes
HVNRAASXHarvey Norman – Rights 08-Oct-1810No
HWEASXHenry Walker Eltin100No
HWKASXHawkstone Mng Ltd100No
HXGASXHexagon Resources70No
HXLASXHexima Limited100No
HYDASXHydrix Limited100No
HZLASXHz Lim Ltd100No
HZNASXHorizon Oil Limited100Yes
HZRASXHazer Group Limited100No
IABASXIAB Holdings Limited100No
IAGASXInsurance Australia5Yes
IAGPCASXCtg Pre 6M Per Q T100No
IAMASXIntiger Group Ltd100No
IASASXInternatl Allsports100No
IAUASXIntrepid Mines100No
IB8ASXIbosses Corp Ltd100No
IBCASXIronbark Capital Ltd100No
IBGASXIronbark Zinc Ltd100No
IBNASXIbuynew Group Ltd100No
IBXASXImagion Biosys Ltd100No
ICGASXInca Minerals Ltd100No
ICHASXInfochoice Limited100No
ICIASXIcandy Interactive100Yes
ICLASXInter Coal Hold Ltd30No
ICNASXIcon Energy Limited100No
ICQASXIcar Asia Ltd65No
ICRASXInternational Cobalt100No
ICSASXICSGlobal Limited100No
ICTASXIcollege Limited100No
ICUASXIsentric Ltd.100No
ICZASXIndus Coal Ltd100No
ID8ASXIdentitii Limited100No
IDAASXIndiana Resources100No
IDCASXIndochine Mining Ltd100No
IDEASXIdeas International100No
IDGASXIndago Resources Ltd85No
IDLASXIndustrea Limited35No
IDMASXIDM International100No
IDOASXIndo Mines Limited100No
IDPASXIndopac Holdings Ltd100No
IDRASXIndustria REIT70Yes
IDTASXIDT Australia Ltd100No
IDXASXIntegral Diagnostics70Yes
IDZASXIndoor Skydive Aust100No
IECASXIntra Energy Corp100No
IELASXIdp Education Ltd20Yes
IEQASXInternational Equiti100No
IFLASXIOOF Holdings Ltd10Yes
IFMASXInfomedia Ltd50Yes
IFNASXInfigen Energy25Yes
IFSASXIFS Construction Ltd100No
IGEASXInt Green Energy100No
IGOASXIndependence Group15Yes
IGRASXIntegra Mining Ltd.20No
IGSASXInt Goldfields Ltd100No
IGXASXIGDX Holdings Ltd100No
IHLASXImhealth Ltd100No
IHRASXIntellihr Holdings100No
IIFASXING Industrial Fund20No
IINASXiiNet Limited15No
IKEASXIkegps Group Ltd100No
IKWASXIkwezi Mining Ltd100No
ILUASXIluka Resources15Yes
IMAASXImage Resources NL100No
IMCASXImmuron Limited100No
IMDASXImdex Limited40Yes
IMEASXImexhs Limited100No
IMFASXIMF Bentham Ltd30Yes
IMMASXImmutep Ltd100No
IMSASXImpelus Ltd100No
IMUASXImugene Limited100No
INAASXIngenia Group50Yes
INDASXIndus Energy NL100No
INFASXInfinity Lithium100No
INGASXInghams Group10Yes
INKASXIndago Energy Ltd100No
INMASXIron Mountain Incorp20No
INPASXIncentiapay Ltd100No
INRASXIoneer Ltd35No
INVASXInvestsmart Group100No
IODASXIodm Limited100No
IOFASXInvesta Office Fund10No
IOHASXIron Ore Holdings30No
IONASXION Limited100No
IORASXIndiore Ltd100No
IOTASXIOT Group Limited100No
IP1ASXInt Payment Tech Ltd100No
IPAASXIndigo Prop Aus Ltd100No
IPBASXIPB Petroleum Ltd100No
IPCASXImperial Pacific Ltd100No
IPDASXImpedimed Limited50No
IPHASXIPH Limited10Yes
IPLASXIncitec Pivot10Yes
IPOASXInt Petroleum Ltd100No
IPPASXIproperty Group Ltd25No
IPTASXImpact Minerals100No
IPXASXIntrapower Limited100No
IQ3ASXIq3Corp Limited100No
IQEASXIntueri Edu Grp Ltd100No
IRCASXIntermin Resources100No
IRDASXIron Road Ltd100No
IRIASXIntegrated Research20Yes
IRLASXIndia Resources100No
IRNASXIndophil Resources30No
IS3ASXI Synergy Group Ltd100No
ISDASXIsentia Group Ltd20Yes
ISFASXIsoft Group Limited20No
ISSASXISS Group Limited100No
ISUASXIselect Ltd50Yes
ISXASXIsignthis Ltd80No
ITCASXImpress Energy Ltd100No
ITDASXITL Health Group Ltd100No
ITOASXIntoll Group10No
ITQASXIntecq Limited100No
ITRASXInterra Resources100No
ITXASXITX Group Limited50No
IULASXImagine Un Limited100No
IVAASXInova Resources Ltd20No
IVCASXInvoCare Limited10Yes
IVGASXInvictus Gold Ltd100No
IVOASXInvigor Group Ltd100No
IVQASXInvitrocue Ltd100No
IVRASXInvestigator Res Ltd100No
IVTASXInventis Limited100No
IVXASXInvion Ltd100No
IVZASXInvictus Energy Ltd100No
IXUASXIxup Limited100No
JALASXJameson Resources100Yes
JANASXJanison Edu Group100No
JATASXJatenergy Limited100No
JAYASXJayride Group100No
JBHASXJB Hi-Fi Limited10No
JCSASXJcurve Solutions100No
JDRASXJadar Lithium Ltd100No
JHCASXJapara Healthcare Lt15Yes
JHGASXJanus Henderson10Yes
JHLASXJayex Healthcare Ltd100No
JHXASXJames Hardie Indust10Yes
JINASXJumbo Interactive40Yes
JIPASXJack-In Group Ltd100No
JJFASXJiajiafu Mod Agr Ltd100No
JKAASXJacka Resources Ltd100No
JLGASXJohns Lyng Group100No
JMLASXJabiru Metals Ltd60No
JMSASXJupiter Mines.20Yes
JPRASXJupiter Energy100No
JRLASXJindalee Resources100No
JRVASXJervois Mining100No
JVGASXJV Global Limited100No
JYCASXJoyce Corporation100No
K2FASXK2Fly Ltd100No
K2PASXKore Potash Ltd100No
KABASXKaboko Mining Ltd100No
KAIASXKairos Minerals Ltd100No
KAMASXK2 Asset Mgmt Hldgs100No
KARASXKaroon Energy Ltd30Yes
KASASXKasbah Resources100No
KATASXKatana Capital100No
KBCASXKeybridge Capital100No
KBLASXKBL Mining Limited100No
KBLOASXKBL Mining Limited – Option 04-Aug-18100No
KCNASXKingsgate Consolid.100Yes
KDLASXKim Diamonds Ltd100No
KDRASXKidman Resources Ltd15No
KDROASXKidman Resources Ltd – Option 30-Apr-18100No
KENASXKUTh Energy Limited100No
KEYASXKEY Petroleum100No
KFEASXKogi Iron Ltd100No
KGDASXKula Gold Limited100No
KGLASXKGL Resources Ltd100No
KGMASXKalnorth Gold Ltd100No
KGNASXKogan.Com Ltd30Yes
KIKASXKairiki Energy Ltd100No
KISASXKing Island100No
KKLASXKollakorn Corp Ltd100No
KKOASXKinetiko Energy Ltd100No
KKTASXKonekt Limited100No
KLAASXKirkland Lake Gold100No
KLHASXKalia Limited100No
KLLASXKalium Lakes Ltd100No
KLMASXKLM Group Ltd100No
KLOASXKingsland Global Ltd100No
KLRASXKaili Resources Ltd100No
KMCASXKalgoorlie Mining100No
KMDASXKathmandu Hold Ltd20No
KMEASXKip McGrath Edu.Cntr100No
KMRASXKumarina Res Ltd100No
KMTASXKopore Metals Ltd100No
KNHASXKoon Holdings100No
KNLASXKibaran Resources100No
KNMASXKneomedia Limited100No
KNOASXKnosys Limited100No
KORASXKorab Resources100No
KOVASXKorvest Ltd100No
KP2ASXKore Potash PLC100No
KPCASXKazakhstan Corp Ltd100No
KPGASXKelly Partners Group100No
KPLASXKina Petroleum Ltd100No
KPOASXKalina Power Limited100No
KPRASXKupang Resources100No
KPTASXKangaroo Plantation100No
KRLASXKangaroo Res Ltd100No
KRMASXKingsrose Mining Ltd100No
KRRASXKing River Resources100Yes
KRROBASXKing River Resources – Option 31-Jul-20100No
KRSASXKresta Holdings100No
KRXASXKoppar Resources100No
KRXOASXKoppar Resources – Option 20-Jan-21100No
KSCASXK & S Corporation100No
KSLASXKina Securities Ltd85Yes
KSNASXKingston Resources100No
KTAASXKrakatoa Resources100No
KTDASXKeytone Dairy100No
KTEASXK2 Energy Ltd100No
KTLASXKTL Technologies Ltd100No
KYCASXKeycorp Limited100No
KYKASXKyckr Limited100No
KZAASXKazia Therapeutics100No
KZLASXKagara Ltd100No
KZRASXKalamazoo Resources100No
LAAASXLatam Autos Ltd100No
LAMASXLaramide Res Ltd100No
LASASXLasseters Corp.100No
LAUASXLindsay Australia100No
LBLASXLaserbond Limited100No
LBTASXLBT Innovations100No
LCAASXLitigation Cap Ltd100No
LCDASXLatitude Consolidate100No
LCEASXLondon City Equ. Ltd100No
LCKASXLeigh Crk Energy Ltd100No
LCMASXLogicamms Limited100No
LCTASXLiving Cell Tech.100No
LCYASXLegacy Iron Ore100No
LDMASXLand Min Explore Ltd100No
LDWASXLudowici Limited50No
LEGASXLegend Mining100No
LEPASXALE Property Group35Yes
LERASXLeaf Res Ltd100No
LEXASXLefroy Exploration100No
LFCASXLife Corporation100No
LFRAMASXNew World Cobalt Ltd – Option 31-Jul-18 Def100No
LGDASXLegend Corporation100No
LGLASXLihir Gold Limited15No
LGMASXLuiri Gold Limited100No
LGOASXLongReach Oil Ltd.100No
LGPOAASXOption -Nsx100No
LGRASXLanka Graphite Ltd100No
LHBASXLionhub Group Ltd100No
LHCASXLifehealthcare Grp100No
LHDASXLochard Energy Grp100No
LHMASXLand Homes Grp Ltd100No
LI3ASXLithium Consolidated100No
LICASXLifestyle Communit.100Yes
LINASXLindian Resources100No
LIOASXLion Energy Limited100No
LITASXLithium Australia NL70Yes
LITAUASXLithium Australia NL – Bonus Deferred100No
LITCEASXLithium Australia NL – 0.01C Pd 24.99C Unpd100No
LKEASXLake Resources100No
LKEOASXLake Resources – Option 27-Aug-18100No
LKOASXLakes Oil NL100No
LLAASXLiving & Leisure Grp100No
LLCASXLendlease Group10Yes
LLOASXLion One Metals Ltd100No
LLPASXLend Lease Primelife100No
LMCASXLemarne Corporation100No
LMEASXL&M Energy Limited100No
LMGASXLatrobe Magnesium100No
LMLASXLincoln Minerals100No
LMRASXLemur Resources Ltd100No
LMWASXLandmark White Ltd100No
LNCASXLinc Energy Ltd10No
LNGASXLiquefied Natural20No
LNKASXLink Admin Hldg15Yes
LNKRASXLink Admin Hldg – Rts10Jul17 Forus100No
LNRASXLonestar Reso Ltd100No
LNUASXLinius Tech Limited70No
LNYASXLaneway Res Ltd100No
LOMASXLucapa Diamond Ltd70No
LONASXLongtable Group Ltd100No
LOVASXLovisa Holdings Ltd20Yes
LPDASXLepidico Ltd100No
LPDOAASXLepidico Ltd – Option 30-Sep-20100No
LPDRASXLepidico Ltd – Rights 26-Oct-17100No
LPDRAASXLepidico Ltd – Rights 18-Sep-18100No
LPEASXLocality Planning100No
LPIASXLithium Pwr Int Ltd70Yes
LRCASXLaguna Resources NL100No
LRFASXLinQ Resources Fund45No
LRLASXLeyshon Resources100No
LRMASXLustrum Minerals100No
LRSASXLatin Resources Ltd100No
LRSOASXLatin Resources Ltd – Option 09-Mar-17100No
LRSOBASXLatin Resources Ltd – Option 12-Oct-19100No
LSAASXLachlan Star Ltd100No
LSFASXL1 Long Short Fund50No
LSHASXLifespot Health Ltd100No
LSLASXLuminus Systems Ltd.100No
LSRASXLodestar Minerals100No
LSTASXLion Selection35No
LSXASXLion Selection Grp100No
LSXOAASXLion Selection Grp – Option 12-Apr-20100No
LTNASXLantern Hotel Grp85No
LTRASXLiontown Resources100No
LVEASXLove Group Global100No
LVHASXLivehire Limited50No
LVLASXLV Living Limited100No
LVTASXLivetiles Limited80Yes
LWBASXLittle World Bev.30No
LWPASXLWP Technologies Ltd100No
LYCASXLynas Corporation20Yes
LYLASXLycopodium Limited100No
M7TASXMach7 Tech Limited100No
MA1ASXMonash Absolute100No
MA1OASXMonash Absolute – Option 29-Sep-17100No
MACASXMacro Corp. Limited100No
MAGASXMagmatic Resrce Ltd100No
MAHASXMacmahon Holdings20Yes
MAIASXMainstream Group100No
MAKXEASXMinemakers Limited – Ent. Tnt Mines100No
MANASXMagna Mining NL100No
MAQASXMacquarie Telecom Gp100No
MARASXMalachite Resources100No
MASASXMesa Minerals Ltd100No
MATASXMatsa Resources100No
MAUASXMagnetic Resources100No
MAXASXMillinium Alt Fund100No
MAYASXMelbana Energy Ltd100No
MBCASXMalabar Coal Ltd100No
MBDASXMBD Corporation Ltd100No
MBKASXMetal Bank Ltd100No
MBMASXMobecom Limited100No
MBNASXMirabela Nickel Ltd80No
MBTASXMission Newenergy100No
MCAASXMurray Cod Aust Ltd100No
MCCASXMacArthur Coal10No
MCEASXMatrix C & E Ltd80No
MCHASXMurchison Holdings100No
MCKASXMacarthurCook Ltd85No
MCMASXMc Mining Ltd100No
MCOASXMorning Star Gold NL100No
MCPASXMcPherson’s Ltd45Yes
MCRASXMincor Resources NL100Yes
MCSASXMcaleese Ltd100No
MCTASXMetalicity Limited100No
MCUASXMitchell Communitca.70No
MCXASXMariner Corp Ltd100No
MCYASXMercury NZ Limited100No
MDCASXMedlab Clinical Ltd70No
MDDASXMandalong Resources100No
MDGASXMedtech Global100No
MDIASXMiddle Island Res100No
MDLASXMineral Deposits100No
MDOASXMindoro Res Ltd100No
MDRASXMedadvisor Limited100No
MDVASXMedivac Limited100No
MDXASXMindax Limited100No
MEAASXMcGrath Ltd100No
MEBASXMedibio Limited100No
MECASXMorphic Eef Ltd100No
MEDASXMerlin Diamonds Ltd100No
MEDOBASXMerlin Diamonds Ltd – Option 23-Mar-21100No
MEGASXMcm Entertainment Gr100No
MEIASXMeteoric Resources100No
MELASXMetgasco Ltd100No
MEMASXMemphasys Ltd100No
MEPASXMinotaur Exploration100No
MESASXMesbon China Nylon100No
MEUASXMarmota Limited100No
MEYASXMarenica Energy Ltd100No
MEZASXMeridian Energy100No
MFDASXMayfield Childcr Ltd100No
MFFASXMFF Capital Inv Ltd30No
MFGASXMagellan Fin Grp Ltd15Yes
MGCASXMg Unit Trust100Yes
MGGASXMagellan Glob Trust100No
MGLASXMagontec Limited100No
MGNASXMagellan Petroleum.100No
MGOASXMarengo Mining35No
MGPASXManaged Accounts100No
MGRASXMirvac Group5Yes
MGTASXMagnetite Mines100No
MGUASXMagnum Mining & Exp100No
MGVASXMusgrave Minerals100No
MGXASXMount Gibson Iron20Yes
MGZASXMedigard Limited100No
MHCASXManhattan Corp Ltd100No
MHDASXMillennium Ltd100No
MHIASXMerchant House100No
MHJASXMichael Hill Int70No
MIFASXMacarthurCook Ind Pr100No
MIGASXMigme Limited100No
MIHASXMnc Media Invest Ltd100No
MIIASXMeridian Minerals100No
MILASXMillennium Grp Ltd100No
MINASXMineral Resources.10Yes
MIOASXMiclyn Exp Offshr25No
MIRASXMirrabooka Invest.70No
MIXASXMirvac Industrial75No
MJCASXMejority Capital Ltd100No
MJPASXMartin Aircraft Ltd100No
MKBASXMoko Social Media100No
MKEASXMako Hydrocarbon Ltd100No
MKGASXMako Gold100No
MKOASXMetaliko Resources100No
MKRASXManuka Resources Ltd100No
MLAASXMedical Aus Limited100No
MLCASXMothercare Aus Ltd100No
MLMASXMetallica Minerals100No
MLMOASXMetallica Minerals – Option 30-Jun-17100No
MLMRAASXMetallica Minerals – Rights 31-Mar-17100No
MLSASXMetals Australia100No
MLSOASXMetals Australia – Option 01-Dec-19100No
MLTASXMilton Corporation25No
MLXASXMetals X Limited35No
MLXXEASXMetals X Limited – Ent Westgold100No
MMCASXMarengo Mining Ltd100No
MMIASXMetro Mining Ltd100No
MMJASXMMJ Group Hlds Ltd100No
MMLASXMedusa Mining Ltd50Yes
MMMASXMarley Spoon100Yes
MMRASXMec Resources100No
MMSASXMcMillan Shakespeare10Yes
MMWASXMagma Metals Ltd.85No
MMXASXMurchison Metals Ltd25No
MMZASXMooter Media Limited100No
MNBASXMinbos Resources Ltd100No
MNCASXMetminco Limited100No
MNCRASXMetminco Limited – Rights 10-Apr-18100No
MNCRAASXMetminco Limited – Rights 07-Dec-18100No
MNDASXMonadelphous Group10Yes
MNSASXMagnis Energy Tech70No
MNSOASXMagnis Resource Ltd – Option 31-May-17100No
MNSXEASXMagnis Resource Ltd – Ent. Ual1No
MNWASXMint Payments Ltd100No
MNYASXMoney3 Corporation50Yes
MOBASXMobilicom Ltd100No
MOCASXMortgage Choice Ltd50Yes
MODASXMOD Resources Ltd100No
MOEASXMoelis Australia Ltd100Yes
MOGASXMoby Oil & Gas Ltd100No
MOHASXMoho Resources100No
MOLASXMoly Mines Limited100No
MOQASXMOQ Limited100No
MOSASXMosaic Oil NL85No
MOYASXMillennium Min Ltd100Yes
MP1ASXMegaport Limited70Yes
MPAASXMarine Produce Aust.100No
MPLASXMedibank Private Ltd10Yes
MPOASXMolopo Energy Ltd100No
MPPASXMetro Perf.Glass Ltd100No
MPWASXMsl Solutions Ltd100No
MPXASXMustera Property Grp100No
MQGASXMacquarie Group Ltd5Yes
MQRASXMarquee Resource Ltd100No
MRCASXMineral Commodities100No
MRDASXMount Ridley Mines100No
MREASXMinara Resources25No
MRGASXMurray River Grp100No
MRIASXMRI Holdings Ltd.100No
MRLASXMayur Resources Ltd100No
MRNASXMacq Media Ltd100No
MRPASXMacphersons Resource100No
MRQASXMrg Metals Limited100No
MRQOBASXMrg Metals Limited – Option 20-Dec-20100No
MRRASXMinrex Resources Ltd100No
MRUASXMantra Resources20No
MRVASXMoreton Resources100No
MRZASXMirvac Real Estate70No
MSBASXMesoblast Limited25Yes
MSEASXMetalsearch Ltd100No
MSFASXMSF Sugar Limited30No
MSGASXMcs Services Limited100No
MSIASXMultistack Internat.100No
MSMASXMSM Corporation Intl100No
MSPASXMaxsec Group Ltd100No
MSRASXManas Res Ltd100No
MSTASXMetal Storm Limited100No
MSVASXMitchell Services100No
MTBASXMount Burgess Mining100No
MTCASXMetalstech Ltd100No
MTDASXMetroland Australia100No
MTHASXMithril Resources100No
MTLASXManalto Ltd100No
MTMASXMareterram Limited100No
MTOASXMotorcycle Hldg80Yes
MTRASXMantra Group Ltd15No
MTSASXMetcash Limited10Yes
MTUASXM2 Grp Ltd15No
MTVASXMetavone Limited100No
MUAASXMitula Group Limited70No
MUBASXMongolian Res Corp100No
MUEASXMultiplex European100No
MVFASXMonash IVF Group Ltd45Yes
MVPASXMedical Developments50Yes
MVTASXMercantile Invest100No
MVUASXMatrixView Limited100No
MWGASXMacquarie Winton100No
MWRASXMGM Wireless Limited100No
MWYASXMidway Ltd100Yes
MX1ASXMicro-X Limited100No
MXCASXMgc Pharmaceuticals100No
MXIASXMaxiTRANS Industries50Yes
MXQASXMax Trust100No
MXRASXMaximus Resources100No
MXTASXMcp Master Income100No
MYEASXMastermyne Group Ltd100No
MYGASXMutiny Gold Limited100No
MYLASXMyanmar Metals100No
MYQASXMyfiziq Limited100No
MYRASXMyer Holdings Ltd30Yes
MYSASXMyState Limited50Yes
MYXASXMayne Pharma Ltd10Yes
MZNASXMarindi Metals Ltd100No
MZZASXMatador Mining Ltd100No
N1HASXN1 Holdings Ltd100No
N27ASXNorthern Cobalt100No
NABASXNational Aust. Bank5Yes
NABNASXNational Aust. Bank – Deferred5No
NACASXNaos Ex-50100No
NAEASXNew Age Exploration100No
NAGASXNagambie Resources90Yes
NAMASXNamoi Cotton Ltd100No
NANASXNanosonics Limited15Yes
NAVASXNavigator Resources100No
NBLASXNoni B Limited50Yes
NBSASXNexbis Limited40No
NC6ASXNanollose Limited100No
NCCASXNaos Emerg Opp100No
NCIASXNational Can Ind Ltd100No
NCKASXNick Scali Limited40Yes
NCLASXNetccentric Ltd100No
NCMASXNewcrest Mining5Yes
NCRASXNucoal Resources Ltd100No
NCZASXNew Century Resource30Yes
NDOASXNido Petroleum100No
NEAASXNearmap Ltd30Yes
NECASXNine Entertainment10Yes
NEMASXNewmont Mining Corp18No
NENASXNeon Capital Ltd100No
NERASXNeo Resources Ltd100No
NESASXNelson Resources.100No
NETASXNetlinkz Limited100No
NEUASXNeuren Pharmaceut.70No
NEWASXNEW Energy Solar100No
NFKASXNorfolk Group40No
NGEASXNGE Capital Limited100No
NGEDAASXNew Guinea Energy – Deferred Settlement40No
NGFASXNorton Gold Fields100No
NGIASXNavigator Global Ltd70Yes
NGMASXNGM Resources Ltd85No
NGXASXNorseman Gold100No
NGYASXNuenergy Gas Ltd100No
NHCASXNew Hope Corporation15Yes
NHFASXNIB Holdings Limited15Yes
NHHASXNewhaven Hotels Ltd100No
NHLASXNovita Health Ltd100No
NHRASXNational Hire Group85No
NIOASXNickelore Ltd100No
NIUASXNiuminco Group Ltd100No
NKPASXNkwe Platinum100No
NLGASXNational Leisure85No
NLHASXNicheliving Holdings100No
NLXASXNylex Limited100No
NMEASXNex Metals Explorat100No
NMIASXNorthern Mining100No
NMLASXNavarre Minerals Ltd100No
NMSASXNeptune Marine100No
NMTASXNeometals Ltd50Yes
NNWASX99 Wuxian Ltd85No
NOCASXNorthern Crest100No
NOEASXNovarise Renew Res100No
NORASXNorwood Systems Ltd.100No
NORRASXNorwood Systems Ltd. – Rights 19-Oct-18100No
NOVASXNovatti Group Ltd100No
NOXASXNoxopharm Limited100No
NPXASXNuplex Industries40No
NQMASXNorth Queensland100No
NRTAIASXKazia Therapeutics – Option 04-Dec-15 Def70No
NRTAKASXKazia Therapeutics – Option 04-Jun-20 Def70No
NSCASXNaos Smlcap Com Ltd100No
NSEASXNew Standard Energy100No
NSNASXNatasa Mining Ltd100No
NSRASXNational Storage15Yes
NSTASXNorthern Star10Yes
NSTAKASXNorthern Star – Option 04-Sep-10 Def100No
NSXASXNSX Limited100No
NTCASXNetcomm Wireless30No
NTDASXNational Tyre&Wheel100No
NTIASXNeurotech Intl100No
NTLASXNew Talisman Gold100No
NTUASXNorthern Min Ltd100No
NUFASXNufarm Limited20Yes
NUFRASXNufarm Limited – Rts08Nov17 Forus100No
NUFRAASXNufarm Limited – Rts10Oct18 Forus100No
NUHASXNuheara Limited70No
NUSASXNusantara Resources100No
NUSOASXNusantara Resources – Option 14-Nov-18100No
NVAASXNova Minerals Ltd100No
NVLASXNational Veterinary100No
NVNASXNovion Property Grp10No
NVOASXNvoi Ltd100No
NVTASXNavitas Limited15Yes
NVUASXNanoveu Limited100No
NVXASXNovonix Limited70No
NWCASXNew World Cobalt Ltd100No
NWEASXNorwest Energy NL100No
NWFASXNewfield Resources100No
NWHASXNRW Holdings Limited20Yes
NWLASXNetwealth Group50Yes
NWMASXNorwest Minerals100No
NWRASXNorthwest Resources100No
NWSASXNews Corp..10Yes
NWSLVASXNews Corp.. – A Non-Voting Cdi15No
NWTASXNewsat Limited40No
NWZRASXNewzulu Limited – Rights 19-May-17100No
NXEASXNew Energy Minerals100No
NXMASXNexus Minerals Ltd100No
NXRASXNemex Resources Ltd100No
NXSASXNexus Energy Limited30No
NXTASXNextdc Limited15Yes
NYOASXNyota Minerals Ltd100No
NZCASXNzuri Copper Ltd100No
NZMASXNzme Limited100No
NZOASXNew Zealand Oil& Gas100No
OAKASXOaks Hotels & Resort45No
OARASXOakdale Resource Ltd100No
OBSASXOrbis Gold Ltd100No
OCCASXOrthocell Limited100No
OCEASXOcean Capital100No
OCLASXObjective Corp85No
OCPASXOceania Capital Ltd100No
OCVASXOctaviar Limited100No
ODAASXOrcoda Limited100No
ODGASXOdyssey Gaming100No
ODMASXOdin Metals Limited100No
ODNASXOdin Energy Limited100No
ODYASXOdyssey Energy100No
OECASXOrbital Corp Limited100No
OELASXOtto Energy Limited75No
OEQASXOrion Equities100No
OEXASXOilex Ltd100No
OFXASXOFX Group Ltd15Yes
OGAASXOcean Grown Abalone100No
OGCASXOceanaGold Corp.15No
OGHASXOchre Group Holdings100No
OGLASXOGL Resources Ltd100No
OGXASXOrinoco Gold Ltd100No
OHEASXOrion Health Grp100No
OILASXOptiscan Imaging85No
OKJASXOakajee Corp Ltd100No
OKNASXOakton Limited25No
OKRASXOkapi Resources100No
OKUASXOklo Resources Ltd100No
OLHASXOldfields Holdings100No
OLIASXOliver’S Real Food100No
OLVASXOtherlevels Holdings100No
OMHASXOM Holdings Limited20Yes
OMLASXOoh!Media Limited25Yes
ONEASXOneview Healthcare100No
ONLASXOne North Ent Ltd100No
ONTASX1300 Smiles Limited80No
OOHASXOohmedia Group Ltd100No
OOKASXOokami Limited100No
OPGASXOpus Group Ltd100No
OPNASXOpendna Ltd100No
OPTASXOpthea Limited100No
ORAASXOrora Limited10Yes
ORDNASXORD River Resources – Deferred100No
OREASXOrocobre Limited15Yes
ORERASXOrocobre Limited – Rts25Jan18 Forus100No
ORGASXOrigin Energy5Yes
ORHASXORH Limited100No
ORIASXOrica Limited5Yes
ORLASXOrotonGroup Limited100No
ORMASXOrion Metals Ltd100No
ORNASXOrion Minerals Ltd100No
ORRASXOrecorp Ltd100No
ORSASXOctagonal Res Ltd100No
OSHASXOil Search Ltd5Yes
OSLASXOncosil Medical100No
OSPASXOsprey Med Inc100No
OTHASXOnthehouse Ltd100No
OTWASXOver The Wire Ltd100Yes
OVHASXOnevue Holdings Ltd50No
OVLASXOro Verde Ltd100No
OVNASXOventus Medical Ltd100No
OXXASXOctanex Ltd100No
OZGASXOzgrowth Limited100No
OZLASXOZ Minerals10Yes
P2PASXP2P Transport100No
PAAASXPharmaust Limited100No
PABASXPatrys Limited100No
PACASXPacific Grp Ltd35No
PAFASXPm Capital Asian Ops100No
PAGASXPrimeag Australia50No
PAIASXPlatinum Asia Ltd100No
PAKASXPacific American100No
PANASXPanoramic Resources50Yes
PANRAASXPanoramic Resources – Rights 14-Feb-18100No
PARASXParadigm Bio.70No
PAYASXPayce Consolidated100No
PBAASXPeoplebank Australia85No
PBBASXPacifica Group100No
PBGASXPacific Brands15No
PBPASXProbiotec Limited100No
PBTASXPrana Biotechnology100No
PBXASXPacific Bauxite Ltd100No
PC1ASXPlus Connect Ltd100No
PCGASXPengana Capital100No
PCHASXProperty Connect100No
PCKASXPainchek Ltd100No
PCLASXPancontinental Oil100No
PCPASXParamount Mining100No
PDIASXPredictive Disc Ltd100No
PDIRAASXPredictive Disc Ltd – Rights 14-Nov-17100No
PDLASXPendal Group Ltd15Yes
PDNASXPaladin Energy Ltd100Yes
PDZASXPrairie Mining Ltd100No
PEAASXPacific Energy70Yes
PEARASXPacific Energy – Rights 21-May-18100No
PECASXPerpetual Res Ltd100No
PEGASXPixie Group Limited100No
PEKASXPeak Resources100No
PEKRASXPeak Resources – Rights 09-Oct-17100No
PELASXPelican Resources100No
PEMASXPerilya Limited30No
PENASXPeninsula Energy Ltd50Yes
PEPASXPepper Group Ltd100No
PETASXPhoslock Env Tec Ltd100No
PEXASXPeel Mining Limited100No
PEZASXPremiere Eastern Ene100No
PFGASXPrime Financial100No
PFLASXPatties Foods Ltd30No
PFMASXPacific Mining Ltd100No
PFPASXPropel Funeral100No
PG1ASXPearl Global Ltd100No
PG1OBASXPearl Global Ltd – Option 24-Jan-21100No
PGCASXParagon Care Limited100Yes
PGFASXPm Capital Fund50No
PGHASXPact Group Hldgs Ltd15Yes
PGIASXPanterra Gold Ltd100No
PGLASXProspa Group100No
PGMASXPlatina Resources100No
PGOASXPrimary Gold Ltd100No
PGRASXThe Pas Group Ltd100No
PGSASXPlanet Gas Ltd100No
PGXASXPrimero Group100No
PGYASXPilot Energy Ltd100No
PHGASXPulse Health Limited100No
PHIASXPhileo Australia100No
PHLASXPearl Healthcare100No
PIAASXPengana Int Equ Ltd25No
PIAOASXPengana Int Equ Ltd – Option 10-May-19100No
PICASXPerpetual Equity Ltd40No
PIHASXPrime Infr Group60No
PILASXPeppermint Inv Ltd100No
PIOASXPioneer Res Ltd100No
PIOOASXPioneer Res Ltd – Option 31-Jul-18100No
PIQASXProteomics Int Lab100No
PIRASXPapillon Res Ltd20No
PKAASXPlukka Limited100No
PKDASXParkd Ltd100No
PL8ASXPlato Inc Max Ltd.100No
PLAASXPlatinum Australia100No
PLBASXPlan B Group Hld100No
PLCASXPLC Financial100No
PLGASXPropertylink Grp50No
PLIASXPeplin, Inc.100No
PLLASXPiedmont Lithium Ltd100No
PLSASXPilbara Min Ltd30Yes
PLTASXPolartechnics Ltd100No
PLVASXPluton Resources85No
PLXASXPyrolyx Ag100No
PLYASXPolymetals Mining100No
PM1ASXPure Minerals Ltd100No
PM8ASXPensana Metals Ltd100No
PMCASXPlatinum Capital Ltd25No
PMEASXPro Medicus Limited50Yes
PMHASXPacmag Metals Ltd85No
PMPASXPMP Limited100Yes
PMVASXPremier Investments15Yes
PMXASXPalamedia Limited100No
PMYASXPacifico Min Ltd100No
PNAASXPanAust Limited15No
PNCASXPioneer Credit Ltd70Yes
PNIASXPinnacle Investment50Yes
PNLASXParinga Resources100No
PNMASXPallane Medical Ltd100No
PNNASXPepinNini Lithium100No
PNRASXPantoro Limited80Yes
PNROASXPantoro Limited – Option 25-Aug-17100No
PNVASXPolynovo Limited75No
PNWASXPacific Star Network100No
PNXASXPNX Metals Limited100No
PO3ASXPurifloh Ltd100No
PODASXPodium Minerals100No
PODOASXPodium Minerals – Option 28-Aug-2020100No
POHASXPhosphagenics Ltd.100No
POLASXPolaris Metals NL85No
POSASXPoseidon Nick Ltd100No
POSRASXPoseidon Nick Ltd – Rights 05-Sep-18100No
POWASXProtean Energy Ltd100No
POWRASXProtean Energy Ltd – Rights 30-May-17 Def100No
PPCASXPeet Limited50Yes
PPGASXPro-Pac Packaging100No
PPHASXPushpay Holdings Ltd70No
PPIASXPelorus Property.85No
PPKASXPPK Group Limited100No
PPLASXPureprofile Ltd100No
PPNASXPlanet Platinum Ltd100No
PPPASXPan Pacific Petrol.100No
PPSASXPraemium Limited50Yes
PPTASXPerpetual Limited10Yes
PPYASXPapyrus Australia100No
PRCASXPike River Coal100No
PRGNASXProgrammed – Def Ex Ske25No
PRHASXPhillips River Ltd100No
PRLASXPetrel Energy Ltd100No
PRMASXPlentex Limited100No
PROASXProphecy Internation100No
PRPASXPrime Credit Prop.100No
PRROASXPrima Biomed Ltd – Option 19-Jun-17100No
PRSASXProspech Limited100No
PRTASXPrime Media Grp Ltd75Yes
PRUASXPerseus Mining Ltd20Yes
PRVASXPremium Investors55No
PRWASXProto Resource & Inv100No
PRXASXProdigy Gold NL100No
PRZASXParazero Ltd100No
PSAASXPetsec Energy100No
PSCASXProspect Res Ltd70No
PSHASXPenrice Soda85No
PSIASXPsc Insurance Ltd100No
PSMASXPeninsula Mines Ltd100No
PSPASXProsperity Resources100No
PSQASXPacific Smiles Grp70Yes
PSTASXPearlstreet Limited85No
PSZASXPs&C Limited100No
PTBASXPTB Group Limited100No
PTLASXPental Ltd100No
PTMASXPlatinum Asset10Yes
PTNASXPrime Retirement100No
PTRASXPetratherm Ltd100No
PTXASXPrescient Ltd100No
PTXOASXPrescient Ltd – Option 30-Jun-18100No
PUAASXPure Alumina Limited100No
PURASXPursuit Minerals100No
PVAASXpSivida Corp100No
PVDASXPura Vida Energy NL100No
PVEASXPo Valley Energy Ltd100No
PVLASXPowerhouse Ven Ltd100No
PVMASXPmi Gold Corp35No
PVSASXPivotal Systems100No
PVTASXProvet Holdings Ltd100No
PWHASXPwr Holdings Limited30Yes
PWNASXParkway Minls NL100No
PXGASXPhoenix Gold Limited100No
PXSASXPharmaxis Ltd100No
PXXASXPolarx Limited100Yes
PYCASXPhylogica Limited100No
PYGASXPaygroup Limited100No
PZCASXPan Asia Corp Ltd100No
QANASXQantas Airways5Yes
QBEASXQBE Insurance Group5Yes
QBLASXQueensland Bauxite100No
QEMASXQEM Limited100No
QFXASXQuickflix Limited100No
QFYASXQuantify Tech Ltd100No
QGLASXQuantum Graphite100No
QGLNAASXQuantum Graphite – Deferred100No
QHLASXQuickstep Holdings100No
QINASXQuintis Ltd100No
QIPASXQantm Intellectual100No
QMGASXQuay Magnesium Ltd85No
QMLASXQMastor Limited100No
QMNASXQld Mining Corp100No
QMSASXQMS Media Limited70Yes
QRIASXQualitas Re Income100No
QRXASXQrxpharma Ltd100No
QSSASXQuestus Limited100No
QSTASXQuest Investments100No
QTGASXQ Technology Grp Ltd100No
QTMASXQuantum Health Ltd100No
QUBASXQube Holdings Ltd10Yes
QUEASXQueste Communication100No
QVEASXQv Equities Limited100No
R3DASXR3D Global Ltd100No
RACASXRace Oncology Ltd100No
RAFASXRaffles Capital Ltd100No
RANASXRange International100No
RAPASXResapp Health Ltd50No
RATASXRubicon America100No
RAWASXRawson Oil & Gas Ltd100No
RBLASXRedbubble Limited50No
RBRASXRBR Group Ltd100No
RBVASXRabinov Prop Trust100No
RBXASXResource Base100No
RCAASXRaw Capital Partners100No
RCEASXRecce Pharmaceutical100No
RCFASXRedcliffe Res Ltd100No
RCIASXRocklands Rich. Ltd50No
RCOASXRoyalco Resources100No
RCPASXRedbank Copper Ltd100No
RCRASXRCR Tomlinson100Yes
RCTASXReef Casino Trust100No
RCYASXRivercity Motorway100No
RD1ASXRegistry Direct100No
RDCASXRedcape Hotel Group100No
RDFASXRedflex Holdings100No
RDGASXRes Dev Group Ltd100No
RDHASXRedhill Education100No
RDMASXRed Metal Limited100No
RDNASXRaiden Resources Ltd100No
RDSASXRedstone Resources100No
RECASXRecall Holdings Ltd15No
REDASXRed 5 Limited100No
REFASXReverse Corp Limited100No
REGASXRegis Healthcare Ltd15Yes
REHASXReece Limited20Yes
REHAIASXReece Limited – Deferred100No
RELASXRaven Energy Ltd100No
RESASXResource Generation100No
REUASXRubicon Europe Trust100No
REVASXReal Estate Investar100No
REWASXRewards Factory100No
REXASXRegional Express100Yes
REYASXREY Resources Ltd100No
REZASXResourc & En Grp Ltd100No
RFFASXRural Funds Group60Yes
RFGASXRetail Food Group70No
RFLASXRubik Financial Ltd.100No
RFNASXReffind Limited100No
RFTASXRectifier Technolog100No
RFXASXRedflow Limited65No
RGIASXRoto-Gro Intl Ltd100No
RGPASXRefresh Group100No
RGSASXRegeneus Ltd100No
RHCASXRamsay Health Care10Yes
RHCPAASXTr Pre 6M Per Q Rd T100No
RHDASXRoss Human Direction100No
RHIASXRed Hill Iron100No
RHLASXRuralco Holdings45Yes
RHPASXRhipe Ltd40Yes
RHSASXRHS Limited100No
RHTASXResonance Health100No
RHYASXRhythm Biosciences100No
RICASXRidley Corporation25Yes
RIEASXRiedel Resources Ltd100No
RIGASXRongtai Int Grp Ltd100No
RIMASXRimfire Pacific100No
RIOASXRio Tinto Limited5Yes
RISASXRichfield Internat.100No
RIVASXRiversdale Mining20No
RJTASXRubicon Japan100No
RKNASXReckon Limited70Yes
RKNXFASXReckon Limited – Ent. Getbusy PLC100No
RLCASXReedy Lagoon Corp.100No
RLEASXReal Energy Corp100No
RLEOAASXReal Energy Corp – Option 15-Apr-19100No
RMAASXReeltime Media100No
RMCASXResimac Grp Ltd100No
RMDASXResMed Inc.10Yes
RMDBNASXResMed Inc. – Bonus Cdi Def10No
RMGASXRMG Limited100No
RMIASXResource Mining Corp100No
RMLASXRusina Mining NL85No
RMPASXRed Emperor Resource100No
RMSASXRamelius Resources35Yes
RMTASXRMA Energy Limited100No
RMTDCASXRMA Energy Limited – Deferred Settlement100No
RMXASXRed Mount Min Ltd100No
RMXOGASXRed Mount Min Ltd – Option 21-Nov-19100No
RMXOHASXRed Mount Min Ltd – Option 13-Dec-19100No
RNCASXReal Estate Corp Ltd100No
RNDASXRand Mining Ltd100No
RNEASXRenu Energy Ltd100No
RNLASXRision Limited100No
RNOASXRhinomed Ltd100No
RNOOAASXRhinomed Ltd – Option 30-Apr-17100No
RNSASXRenaissance Minerals100No
RNTASXRent.Com.Au Limited100No
RNUASXRenascor Res Ltd100No
RNXASXRenegade Exploration100No
RNYASXRNY Property Trust100No
ROCASXROC Oil Company10No
ROGASXRed Sky Energy.100No
ROKASXRock (The) Building100No
ROLASXRobust Resources50No
ROOASXRoots Sustainable100No
RPFASXRedcape Prop Group100No
RPGASXRaptis Group Limited100No
RPXASXRp Data Ltd85No
RQLASXResource Equip Ltd50No
RRLASXRegis Resources15Yes
RRPASXRealm Resources Ltd100No
RRSASXRange Resources Ltd100No
RRTASXRecord Realty100No
RSGASXResolute Mining15Yes
RSHASXRespiri Limited100No
RTAASXRutila Resources Ltd100No
RTEASXRetech Tech Co., Ltd100No
RTGASXRTG Mining Inc.100No
RTIASXRental Man Trust100No
RTRASXRumble Res Limited100No
RUBASXRubicor Group100No
RULASXRpmglobal Hldgs Ltd80No
RVAASXReva Medical, Inc100No
RVRASXRed River Resources100No
RWCASXReliance Worldwide15Yes
RWDASXReward Minerals Ltd100No
RWHASXRoyal Wolf Holdings100No
RXHASXRewardle Holding Ltd100No
RXLASXRox Resources100No
RXMASXRex Minerals Limited100No
RXPASXRXP Services Ltd75Yes
RYDASXRyder Capital Ltd100No
RZIASXRaiz Invest Limited70No
RZRASXRazor Risk Tech Ltd100No
S2RASXS2 Resources70No
S32ASXSouth32 Limited5Yes
S3RASXSerpentine Tech Ltd100No
S3ROAASXSerpentine Tech Ltd – Option 30-Jun-19100No
S66ASXStar Combo100No
SAIASXSAI Global Limited15No
SAMASXSiv Asset Mgmt Ltd100No
SANASXSagalio Energy Ltd100No
SAOASXSino Aus Oil Gas Ltd100No
SAPASXSabina Corporation100No
SARASXSaracen Mineral20Yes
SASASXSky and Space Global100No
SAUASXSouthern Gold100No
SAYASXSth American Cor Ltd100No
SBBASXSunbridge Group Ltd100No
SBIASXSterling Plantations100No
SBLASXSignature Metals Ltd85No
SBLAOASXSignature Metals Ltd – Deferred100No
SBMASXSt Barbara Limited20Yes
SBRASXSabre Resources100No
SBSASXSub-Sahara Resources85No
SBUASXSiburan Res Limited100No
SBWASXShekel Brainweigh100No
SCCASXScott Corporation.100No
SCDASXScantech Limited100No
SCGASXScentre Grp5Yes
SCIASXSilver City Minerals100No
SCLASXSchrole Group Ltd100No
SCOASXScott Pac Group Ltd70No
SCPASXSCA Property Group10Yes
SCRASXScandinavian Res Ltd100No
SCTASXScout Security Ltd100No
SCUASXStemcell United Ltd100No
SDAASXSpeedcast Int Ltd15Yes
SDFASXSteadfast Group Ltd10Yes
SDGASXSunland Group Ltd100Yes
SDLASXSundance Resources100No
SDMASXSedgman Limited25No
SDTASXShandong Tianye Aus100No
SDVASXScidev Ltd100No
SDXASXSienna Cancer100No
SE1ASXSensera Ltd100No
SEAASXSundance Energy70Yes
SECASXSpheria Emerging Co100No
SEHASXSino Gas Energy20No
SEIASXSpeciality Metalint100No
SEKASXSeek Limited10Yes
SENASXSenetas Corporation100Yes
SEQASXSequoia Fin Grp Ltd100No
SERASXStrategic Energy100No
SERXEASXStrategic Energy – Ent. Ionic Ind70No
SESASXSecos Group Ltd100No
SEVASXSeven Network10No
SF1ASXStemify Ltd100No
SFCASXSchaffer Corp. Ltd.100No
SFGASXSeafarms Group Ltd100No
SFIASXSpookfish Limited100No
SFLASXSpring Fg Ltd100No
SFMASXSanta Fe Minerals100No
SFRASXSandfire Resources15Yes
SFWASXSfg Australia Ltd100No
SFXASXSheffield Res Ltd100Yes
SGCASXSacgasco Ltd100No
SGFASXSG Fleet Group Ltd30Yes
SGHASXSlater & Gordon100No
SGIASXStealth Global85No
SGMASXSims Metal Mgmt Ltd10Yes
SGOASXStream Group Ltd100No
SGQASXSt George Min Ltd100No
SGQAIASXSt George Min Ltd – Option 23-Apr-18 Def100No
SGQOAASXSt George Min Ltd – Option 30-Jun-17100No
SGQOBASXSt George Min Ltd – Option 30-Sep-20100No
SGRASXThe Star Ent Grp10Yes
SGTASXSingapore Telecomm.15No
SGUASXSuccess Global Media100No
SGXASXSino Gold Mining Ltd15No
SGZASXScotgold Resources100No
SHCASXSunshine Heart, Inc.99No
SHDASXSherwin Iron Ltd100No
SHHASXShree Minerals Ltd100No
SHIASXShine Metals Ltd100No
SHJASXShine Corporate60No
SHKASXStone Resources Aus100No
SHLASXSonic Healthcare10Yes
SHMASXShriro Holdings Ltd70No
SHOASXSportshero Ltd100No
SHRASXShearer (John) Hldgs100No
SHUASXShenhua Ltd100No
SHVASXSelect Harvests20Yes
SHXASXShield Mining100No
SI6ASXSix Sigma Metals Ltd100No
SIEASXSciGen Limited100No
SIGASXSigma Health Ltd20Yes
SIHASXSihayo Gold Limited100No
SILASXSmiles Inclusive100No
SIOASXSimonds Grp Ltd100No
SIQASXSmartgrp Corporation15Yes
SIRASXSirius Resources NL25No
SISASXSimble Solutions100No
SITASXSite Group Int Ltd100No
SIVASXSilver Chef Limited40Yes
SIXASXSprintex Ltd100No
SKCASXSkycity Ent Grp Ltd15No
SKEASXSkilled Group Ltd25No
SKFASXSkyfii Ltd100No
SKIASXSpark Infrastructure10Yes
SKIAQASXSpark Infrastructure – Stapled Usprohib Def15No
SKNASXSkin Elements Ltd100No
SKNAKASXSkin Elements Ltd – Option 31-Dec-20 Def100No
SKPASXSkyland Pet Grp100No
SKTASXSky Network15No
SL1ASXSymbol Mining Ltd100No
SLAASXSolagran Limited100No
SLCASXSuperloop Limited50Yes
SLCNASXSuperloop Limited – Def Ex Bgl50No
SLEASXSino-Excel Energy100No
SLKASXSealink Travel Grp35Yes
SLMASXSalmat Limited100Yes
SLPASXSylvania Platinum100No
SLRASXSilver Lake Resource15No
SLRNASXSilver Lake Resource – Def Ex Igr15No
SLVASXSylvania Resources85No
SLXASXSilex Systems100No
SM1ASXSynlait Milk Ltd20No
SM8ASXSmart Marine Systems100No
SMCASXStrategic Minerals100No
SMDASXSyndicated Metals100No
SMGASXSoon Mining100No
SMIASXSantana Minerals Ltd100No
SMLASXSynergy Metals Ltd100No
SMMASXSummit Resources100No
SMNASXStructural Monitor.40No
SMPASXSmartpay Holdings100No
SMRASXStanmore Coal Ltd100No
SMXASXSecurity Matters100No
SNCASXSandon Capital Ltd100No
SNCOAASXSandon Capital Ltd – Option 30-Apr-18100No
SNDASXSaunders Intl Ltd100No
SNEASXSomerton Energy100No
SNLASXSupply Network100No
SNRASXSynergy Plus Limited100No
SNSASXSensen Networks Ltd100No
SNVASXSinovus Mining Ltd100No
SO4ASXSalt Lake Potash Ltd100No
SOEASXSouls Private Equity85No
SOFASXSofcom Limited100No
SOLASXSoul Pattinson (W.H)20Yes
SOMASXSomnoMed Limited70No
SOPASXSynertec Corporation100No
SORASXStrategic Elements100No
SP1ASXSearch Party Group100No
SPBASXSouth Pacific Res100No
SPDASXStrategic Pooled100No
SPHASXSphere Minerals Ltd100No
SPKASXSpark New Zealand15No
SPLASXStarpharma Holdings35Yes
SPOASXSpotless Grp Hld Ltd50No
SPQASXSuperior Resources100No
SPXASXSpectrum Metals Ltd100No
SPZASXSmart Parking Ltd100No
SRAASXStrathfield Group100No
SREASXStirling Resources.100No
SRFASXSurfstitch Group Ltd100No
SRGASXSRG Global Ltd100Yes
SRHASXSaferoads Holdings100No
SRIASXSipa Resources Ltd100No
SRKASXStrike Resources100No
SRMASXSierra Mining100No
SRNASXSurefire Rescs NL100No
SRNOBASXSurefire Rescs NL – Option 30-Nov-19100No
SRNRASXSurefire Rescs NL – Rights 04-May-18100No
SROASXShareroot Ltd100No
SRSASXSpicers Limited100No
SRVASXServcorp Limited35Yes
SRXASXSirtex Medical15No
SRYASXStory-I Limited100No
SRZASXStellar Resources100No
SSGASXShaver Shop Grp Ltd100No
SSIASXSino Strategic Intl100No
SSLASXSietel Limited100No
SSMASXService Stream30Yes
SSNASXSamson Oil & Gas Ltd100No
SSTASXSteamships Trading100No
ST1ASXSpirit Telecom Ltd100No
STAASXStrandline Res Ltd100No
STADAASXStrandline Res Ltd – Deferred Settlement100No
STBXEASXSouth Boulder Mines – Ent. Duk.Mining30No
STCASXSinetech Ltd100No
STGASXStraker Translations85No
STIASXStirling Products100No
STLASXStargroup Ltd100No
STLOASXStargroup Ltd – Option 30-Nov-18100No
STMASXSunstone Metals Ltd100No
STNASXSaturn Metals100No
STOASXSantos Ltd5Yes
STPASXSterihealth Limited100No
STUASXStuart Petroleum Ltd85No
STXASXStrike Energy Ltd90No
SUDASXSuda Pharmaceuticals100No
SUHASXSouthern Hem Min100No
SULASXSuper Ret Rep Ltd15Yes
SUMASXSumatra Copper&Gold100No
SUNASXSuncorp Group Ltd5Yes
SUNPDASXCn 3M 11-23 Q Rd5No
SUNPEASXCtg Pre 3M Per Rd T100No
SUPASXSuperior Lake Res100No
SURASXSun Resources NL100No
SVAASXSimavita Ltd100No
SVDASXScandivanadium Ltd100No
SVHASXSilver Heritage Grp100No
SVLASXSilver Mines Limited100No
SVLRAASXSilver Mines Limited – Rights 24-Aug-18100No
SVMASXSovereign Metals100No
SVSASXSunvest Corporation100No
SVTASXServtech Global Ltd100No
SVWASXSeven Group Holdings10Yes
SVWPAASXTr Pre 3M Per Q Rd50No
SVYASXStavely Minerals Ltd100No
SW1ASXSwift Networks Group100No
SWKASXSwick Mining100No
SWLASXSeymour Whyte Ltd100No
SWMASXSeven West Media Ltd10Yes
SXAASXStrata-X Energy Ltd100No
SXEASXSth Crs Elect Engnr100No
SXLASXSthn Cross Media15Yes
SXMASXSa Metals Limited100No
SXRASXSkywest Airlines Ltd70No
SXSASXSolimar Energy Ltd.100No
SXXASXSouthern Cross Expl100No
SXYASXSenex Energy Limited15Yes
SYAASXSayona Mining Ltd80No
SYARAASXSayona Mining Ltd – Rights 17-May-18100No
SYDASXSYD Airport10Yes
SYLASXSylvastate Limited100No
SYRASXSyrah Resources30Yes
SYRXEASXSyrah Resources – Ent. Jacana1No
SYSASXSyngas Limited100No
SYTASXSyntonic Limited100No
T3DASX333D Limited100No
TAGASXTag Pacific Limited100No
TAHNASXTABCORP Holdings Ltd – New5No
TALASXTower Australia10No
TAMASXTanami Gold NL100No
TANASXTandou Limited10No
TAOASXTAO Commodities100No
TAPASXTap Oil Limited70No
TARASXTaruga Minerals100No
TASASXTasman Resources Ltd100No
TAUASXTrustees Aust Ltd100No
TAWASXTawana Resources NL100No
TAWXEASXTawana Resources NL – Ent Cowan100No
TB8ASXTianmei Bg Corp Ltd100No
TBGASXTutt Bryant Group85No
TBHASXThe Betmakers100No
TBRASXTribune Res Ltd100No
TCHASXTouchcorp Ltd50No
TCLASXTransurban Group5Yes
TCLRAASXTransurban Group – Rts17Jan18 Forus100No
TCLRBASXTransurban Group – Rts11Sep18 Forus100No
TCMASXTiaro Coal Limited100No
TCNASXTechniche Limited100No
TCOASXTransmetro Corp. Ltd100No
TDLASXTbg Diagnostics Ltd100No
TDOASX3D Oil Limited100No
TEGASXTriangle Energy Ltd100No
TEKASXThorney Tech Ltd100No
TENASXTen Network Holdings100No
TEOASXTelesso Tech Ltd100No
TERASXTerracom Ltd100No
TEXASXTarget Energy100No
TFLASXTasfoods Ltd100No
TFSASXTranzact Fin.Service100No
TGAASXThorn Group Limited20Yes
TGFASXTribeca Global100No
TGGASXTempleton Global55No
TGHASXTegel Group Holdings100No
TGMASXTheta Gold Mines Ltd100No
TGNASXTungsten Min NL100No
TGOASXTrimantium Growthops100No
TGPASX360 Capital Grp100No
TGRASXTassal Group Limited25Yes
TGSASXTiger Resources100No
TGZASXTeranga Gold Corp50No
THCASXTHC Global Grp Ltd100No
THCOASXTHC Global Grp Ltd – Option 31-Dec-19100No
THDASXThred Limited100No
THGASXThakral Holdings Grp40No
THOASXThomas Services Ltd100No
THRASXThor Mining PLC100No
THXASXThundelarra Ltd100No
TIAASXTian An Aust Limited100No
TIEASXTietto Minerals100No
TIGASXTigers Realm Coal100No
TILASXTrilogy Int Ltd100No
TIMASXTimbercorp Limited100No
TINASXTnt Mines Limited100No
TKFASXTikforce Limited100No
TKGASXTakoradi Limited100No
TKLASXTraka Resources100No
TKMASXTrek Metals Ltd100No
TLGASXTalga Resources100No
TLGOAASXTalga Resources – Option 31-Dec-18100No
TLMASXTalisman Mining100No
TLSASXTelstra Corporation.5Yes
TLTASXTilt Renewables Ltd.100No
TLXASXTelix Pharmaceutical100No
TMAASXTMA Group Comp Ltd100No
TMEASXTrade Me Group15No
TMIASXTraprock Mining Ltd100No
TMMASXTasmania Mines Ltd100No
TMRASXTempus Resources Ltd100No
TMTASXTechnology Metals100No
TMXASXTerrain Minerals100No
TMZASXThomson Res Ltd100No
TNEASXTechnology One15Yes
TNGASXTNG Limited100No
TNKASXThink Childcare Ltd80No
TNOASXTando Resources100No
TNOOASXTando Resources – Option 08-Dec-19100No
TNPASXTriple Energy Ltd100No
TNRASXTorian Resources Ltd100No
TNTASXTesserent Limited100No
TNYASXTinybeans Group Ltd100No
TOEASXToro Energy Limited85No
TOLASXToll Holdings Ltd10No
TOMASXTomizone Limited100No
TONASXTriton Min Ltd100No
TOPASXThorney Opp Ltd100No
TOTASX360 Capital Total Re100No
TOUASXTlou Energy Ltd100No
TOXASXTox Free Solutions30No
TPCASXTPC Consolidated Ltd100No
TPDASXTalon Petroleum Ltd100No
TPEASXTpi Enterprises85No
TPFASXTimbercorp Primary100No
TPMASXTPG Telecom Limited10Yes
TPPASXTempo Australia70No
TPSASXThreat Protect Ltd100No
TPWASXTemple & Webster Ltd100No
TPXASXTasmanian Perpetual100No
TQHASX3Q Holdings Limited100No
TRAASXTurners Automotive100No
TRCASXTrac Group Holdings100No
TRFASXTrafford Resources85No
TRLASXTanga Resources Ltd100No
TRMASXTruscott Mining Corp100No
TROASXTriausmin Limited85No
TRSASXThe Reject Shop15Yes
TRTASXTodd River Res Ltd100No
TRUASXThe Trust Comp Ltd45No
TRYASXTroy Resources Ltd50Yes
TSIASXTransfield Serv Infr25No
TSMASXThinksmart Limited100No
TSMYYASXThinksmart Limited – Ret.Ent.Offer100No
TSNASXTransaction Ltd100No
TSOASXTishman Speyer50No
TSVXEASXTranserv Energy Ltd – Ent. TSV Mntny1No
TTAASXTTA Holdings Ltd100No
TTCASXTraditional Therapy100No
TTHASXTooth & Company100No
TTIASXTraffic Technologies100No
TTMASXTitan Minerals100No
TTSASXTatts Group Ltd10No
TTTASXTitomic Limited70No
TTWNASXToptung Ltd – Deferred Ex Option100No
TTYASXTerritory Resources55No
TUAASXTinho Union Grp Aus100No
TV2ASXTV2U Inter Limited100No
TV2OASXTV2U Inter Limited – Option 30-Mar-19100No
TWDASXTamawood Limited100No
TWEASXTreasury Wine Estate10Yes
TWOASXTalent2 Internation35No
TWRASXTower Limited70No
TWTASXTWT Group Limited100No
TXNASXTexon Petroleum Ltd45No
TYKASXTychean Resources100No
TYMASXTymlez Group100No
TYOASXTreyo Leisure100No
TYXASXTyranna Res Ltd100No
TYXOCASXTyranna Res Ltd – Option 06-Oct-21100No
TZLASXTZ Limited100No
TZNASXTerramin Australia100Yes
UBIASXUniversal Biosensors100No
UBNASXUrbanise.Com Ltd100No
UCLASXUCL Resources Ltd100No
UCMASXUscom Limited100No
UEQXEASXUranium Equities – Ent. Phosenergy1No
UILASXUIL Energy Ltd100No
ULTASXUltrapay Limited100No
UMCASXUnited Minerals55No
UMLASXUnity Mining Ltd100No
UNDASXU & D Coal Ltd100No
UNIASXUnilife Medical Sol.45No
UNLASXUnited Networks Ltd100No
UNSASXUnilife Corporation100No
UNVASXUniversal Coal PLC70Yes
UOSASXUnited Overseas Aust100Yes
UPDASXUpdater Inc35No
UPGASXUnity Pacific Gr100No
URBASXURB Investments Ltd100No
URFASXUs Masters Res Fund100No
USRASXUs Residential Fund100No
UTRASXUltracharge Ltd100No
UULASXUltima Utd Ltd100No
UUVASXUUV Aquabotix Ltd100No
UXAASXUXA Resources Ltd100No
VAHASXVirgin Aus Hldg Ltd40Yes
VALASXValor Resources Ltd100No
VANASXVango Mining Ltd100No
VANOAASXVango Mining Ltd – Option 15-Mar-18100No
VARASXVariscan Mines Ltd100No
VARRBASXVariscan Mines Ltd – Rights 16-May-18100No
VCNASXVulcan Resources85No
VCRASXVentracor Limited90No
VCXASXVicinity Centres5Yes
VEAASXViva Energy Group20Yes
VECASXVector Resources Ltd100No
VEDASXVeda Group Ltd20No
VEEASXVeem Ltd100No
VEIASXVision Eye Institute35No
VENASXVintage Energy100No
VESASXVesture Limited100No
VETASXVocation Ltd100No
VG1ASXVgi Partners Global100No
VGLASXVista Group Int Ltd100No
VGOASXVantage Goldfields100No
VHTASXVolpara Health Tech80No
VIAASXViagold Capital100No
VICASXVictory Mines Ltd100No
VIEASXViento Group Limited100No
VIEXEASXViento Group Limited – Ent. Qld Iron100No
VIGASXVictor Group Hldgs100No
VIIASXVietnam Industrial100No
VIPASXVIP Gloves100Yes
VIRASXViridis Clean Energy85No
VITASXVitaco Hldg Ltd40No
VIVASXVivid Technology Ltd100No
VKAASXViking Mines Ltd100No
VLAASXViralytics Limited75No
VLSASXVita Life Sciences..100No
VLTASXVault Intelligence100No
VLWASXVilla World Ltd.60Yes
VMCASXVenus Metals Cor Ltd100No
VMCOASXVenus Metals Cor Ltd – Option 30-Nov-19100No
VMCOAASXVenus Metals Cor Ltd – Option 30-Nov-2019100No
VMGASXVDM Group Limited100No
VMLASXVital Metals Limited100No
VMSASXVenture Minerals100No
VMTASXVmoto Limited100No
VMXASXValmec Limited100No
VMYASXVimy Resources Ltd100No
VN8ASXVonex Limited.100No
VNXASXVonex Limited100No
VOCASXVocus Group Ltd10Yes
VOCNASXVocus Comms Ltd – Deferred100No
VP7ASXVelocity Prop Gp Ltd100No
VPCASXVpcl Ltd100No
VPGASXVodafone Group PLC.25No
VPRASXVolt Power Group100No
VRCASXVolt Resources Ltd100No
VRCOASXVolt Resources Ltd – Option 31-Dec-17100No
VRIASXVeriluma Limited100No
VRLASXVillage Roadshow Ltd40Yes
VRMASXVerdant Min Ltd100No
VRSASXVeris Ltd100No
VRTASXVirtus Health Ltd25Yes
VRXASXVRX Silica Ltd100No
VTAASXViterra Inc100No
VTGASXVita Group Ltd25Yes
VTIASXVision Tech, Inc100No
VVRASXViva Energy REIT20Yes
VXLNASXValence Industries – Deferred100No
VXRASXVenturex Resources100No
WAAASXWAM Active Limited100No
WAAOASXWAM Active Limited – Option 17-Sep-18100No
WAFASXWest African Res Ltd100No
WALASXWavenet Internation.100No
WAMASXWAM Capital Limited30No
WATASXWaterco Limited100No
WAXASXWAM Research Ltd60No
WBAASXWebster Ltd30Yes
WBCASXWestpac Banking Corp5Yes
WBCNASXWestpac Banking Corp – New5No
WBCPEASXCn 3M Per Q Rd T-22100No
WBEASXWhitebark Energy100No
WBERASXWhitebark Energy – Rights 17-Aug-18100No
WBTASXWeebit Nano Ltd100No
WCBASXWarrnambool Cheese85No
WCCASXWaterberg Coal Comp100No
WCLASXWestside Corporation30No
WCNASXWhite Cliff Min Ltd100No
WCNRASXWhite Cliff Min Ltd – Rights 15-Mar-18100No
WCNRAASXWhite Cliff Min Ltd – Rights 01-Nov-18100No
WCUASXWhite Canyon Uranium100No
WDCASXWestfield Group5No
WDEASXWealth Def Equ Ltd100No
WDRASXWestern Desert Res.100No
WDSASXWDS Limited100No
WEBASXWebjet Limited15Yes
WEBAOASXWebjet Limited – Deferred100No
WECASXWhite Energy Company100No
WECRASXWhite Energy Company – Rights 30-Oct-18100No
WELASXWinchester Energy100No
WESASXWesfarmers Limited5Yes
WESNASXWesfarmers Limited – Partially Protected5No
WFDASXWestfield Corp5No
WFEASXWinmar Resources Ltd100No
WFLASXWillmott Forests50No
WGBASXWAM Global Limited70No
WGNASXWagners Hld Company40Yes
WGRASXWestgold Resources85No
WGXASXWestgold Resources.20Yes
WGXOASXWestgold Resources. – Option 30-Jun-19100No
WHAASXWattle Health Au Ltd100No
WHCASXWhitehaven Coal15Yes
WHFASXWhitefield Ltd55No
WHKASXWhitehawk Limited100No
WHSASXWarehouse Group55No
WICASXWestoz Inv Ltd100No
WINASXWindward Res Ltd100No
WKTASXWalkabout Resources100No
WKTOAASXWalkabout Resources – Option 31-Dec-19100No
WKTRASXWalkabout Resources – Rights 10-Jan-18100No
WLCASXWollongong Coal Ltd100No
WLDASXWellard Limited100No
WLEASXWAM Leaders Limited30No
WLFASXWolf Minerals100No
WLLASXWellcom Group Ltd85No
WMCASXWonhe Multimedia100No
WMIASXWAM Microcap Limited30No
WMKASXWatermark Fund Ltd100No
WMLASXWoomera Mining Ltd100No
WNBASXWellness and Beauty100No
WNDASXWindlab Limited100No
WNRASXWingara Ag Ltd100No
WNSASXWorld.Net Services100No
WOFASXWolf Petroleum100No
WORASXWorleyParsons Ltd10Yes
WOTASXWestpac Office Trust100No
WOWASXWoolworths Group Ltd3Yes
WPLASXWoodside Petroleum5Yes
WPLRASXWoodside Petroleum – Rts28Feb18 Forus100No
WQWASXWinha Comm and Trad100No
WRKASXWarwick Resources100No
WRMASXWhite Rock Min Ltd100No
WRTASXWestfield Retail Tst10No
WSAASXWestern Areas Ltd10Yes
WSIASXWeststar Industrial100No
WTCASXWisetech Global Ltd15Yes Holdings15No
WTPASXWatpac Limited100No
WTRASXWorld Titanium Res100No
WWAASXWridgways Australia50No
WWIASXWest Wits Mining Ltd100No
WYLASXWattyl Limited18No
WZRASXWisr Ltd100No
XAMASXXanadu Mines Ltd100No
XCDASXXceed Res Ltd100No
XF1ASXXref Limited100No
XIJASXXJO 45 Info Tech100No
XIPASXXenith Ip Group Ltd100No
XMJASXXJO 15 Materials100No
XPDASXXPD Soccer Gear Grp100No
XPEASXXped Limited100No
XRFASXXRF Scientific100No
XROASXXero Ltd15Yes
XSTASXXstate Resources100No
XTEASXXtek Limited100No
XTVDCASXXTV Networks Ltd100No
XTVOASXXTV Networks Ltd – Option 01-Jun-18100No
XXLASXXiaoxiao Education100No
YALASXYancoal Aust Ltd100No
YALNASXYancoal Aust Ltd – Cvr Shares15No
YALRAASXYancoal Aust Ltd – Rts18Aug17 Forus100No
YBRASXYellow Brick Road100No
YOJASXYojee Limited100No
YOWASXYowie Group100No
YPBASXYPB Group Ltd100No
YPBOAASXYPB Group Ltd – Option 30-Apr-20100No
YRLASXYandal Resources100No
Z1PASXZip Co Ltd.50No
ZDXASXZedex Minerals100No
ZELASXZ Energy Ltd.100No
ZENASXZenith Energy Ltd100No
ZERASXZeta Resources Ltd100No
ZEUASXZeus Resources Ltd100No
ZGLASXZicom Group Limited100No
ZGMASXZamia Metals100No
ZIMASXZimplats Holding Ltd100Yes
ZIPASXZiptel Limited100No
ZLDASXZelda Therapeutics100No
ZMIASXZinc of Ireland NL100No
ZMIOASXZinc of Ireland NL – Option 21-Jul-17100No
ZNCASXZenith Minerals Ltd100No
ZNOASXZoono Group Ltd80No
ZNTASXZenitas Health Ltd100No
ZTAASXZeta Petroleum100No
ZYBASXZyber Holdings Ltd100No

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